ARCHIVED: Public Comment On FTC Guides

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March 30, 1999

On March 18, 1999, the Federal Trade Commission issued a Request for Comment Concerning the Guides for the Law Book Industry. See 64 Fed. Reg. 13369-70 (Mar. 18, 1999). The FTC is seeking comments on the overall costs and benefits and the continuing need for its Guides, as part of the Commissions systematic review of all current Commission regulations and guides. The Request for Comment poses eight specific questions on which the FTC seeks written public comment. See id. at 13370.Given the importance of the Guides for the Law Book Industry (16 C.F.R. Part 256) to law librarians and the legal community generally, AALL will be responding to the FTCs solicitation. The response will be prepared through the joint efforts of the Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (CRIV) and the Washington Affairs Office. To ensure that a full range of views is taken into consideration as the AALL response is prepared, all interested parties are invited to submit their thoughts on the FTC Guides to CRIV. Submissions can be sent by e-mail (preferred) or fax to Frank Houdek, Chair, AALL Committee on Relations with Information Vendors (contact information provided below), or directly through the FTC Comment Box on CRIVPage, the committees Web site (<>). Comments to CRIV must be submitted no later than April 15, 1999 so that there is sufficient time to prepare AALLs response by the FTCs deadline of May 17, 1999.

In addition to providing your thoughts on the Guides to AALL, CRIV encourages interested individuals to respond directly to the FTC. As an organization representing 5,000 legal information consumers, it is likely that AALLs response will be given serious consideration by the FTC, but a large number of individual responses will help to demonstrate the importance of, and continuing need for, the Guides. Information on how to submit comments to the Federal Trade Commission, either by mail or e-mail, is provided in the Request for Comment at 64 Fed. Reg. 13369.

Those interested in learning more about the Guides for the Law Book Industry are referred to a summary and analysis prepared by CRIV and available on CRIVPage (<>), and to a letter sent by AALL last July in response to an earlier FTC request for comments concerning a proposed policy statement on the applicability of the Guides to electronic media, available on AALLs Washington Affairs Online (