ARCHIVED: Reminder: 12/1/99 Deadline for Committee Volunteer Forms

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November 17, 1999

Message from Robert L. Oakley, AALL Vice President/President-Elect:

My thanks to the many dedicated and devoted AALL members who have already submitted committee volunteer forms. If you haven't yet sent in your form, please don't delay - the December 1 deadline is fast approaching.

Don't think that just because you're new, or just because you've never been on a committee before, that you won't get on a committee now. You're the very person I hope will apply. And one of the best ways to contribute to the profession and have an impact on future directions for the Association is to volunteer for an AALL committee.

I hope the committee rosters will reflect the diversity of interests and voices in the Association, and I am particularly interested in encouraging newer members of the profession to participate in this important work. To that end, I will be making a special effort to appoint new people and people from under-represented backgrounds to the committees.

A complete list of the current committees and their charges can be found in the AALL Directory and Handbook.

Here's a link to the Volunteer Form on AALLNET:


You can also get it from Fax-on-Demand: 732-544-5901 - request document number 330.

Please complete the form. I'm sure you will value the interesting and important work you'll be involved in, on a committee of your choice, as you meet and work with new colleagues and help pave your pathway to leadership in this profession. But I can't put you on a committee until you submit the form!

The deadline for turning in the completed Volunteer Form is December 1, 1999.