ARCHIVED: Listserv Discussion on Balancing Formats

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April 12, 2000

Books and Bytes: Balancing Formats in Today's Libraries A Listserv Discussion -- April 17 - 21, 2000

How in the world do librarians make the right decisions that will give their clients the appropriately balanced collection of information? Is the balance selected for them appropriate? What considerations affect the balance for a particular library in a particular organization?

AALL is pleased to announce that Joan Axelroth, lead instructor for AALL's video teleconference, Books and Bytes: Balancing Formats in Today's Libraries, which will be broadcast on Thursday, April 13, will be leading the Professional Development Committee's next moderated discussion list. Scheduled to run from April 17 through April 21, the listserv will provide an opportunity for all to share their experiences, ask their questions, and receive more advice on collection development.

If you are interested in attending the live broadcast and have not registered, please see the site listing on AALLNET at . Click on "How to Register to Attend the Teleconference" and you will find a listing of sites.

To sign up for the discussion on AALLNET: Click on the "Professional Development" link and select the "Professional Development Opportunity" labeled "Professional Development Listserv." The direct link to the form is All subscriber addresses will be purged and our discussion will end on April 21. Postings, however, will be archived on AALLNET for later reference.

The AALL Professional Development Listservs are designed to promote information exchange on current issues in law librarianship. Each discussion is limited to a set period and the listserv is purged at the end of this period. A Web archive of earlier discussions is available.

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