ARCHIVED: AALL 2001 Theme Announced

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May 17, 2000

Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Robert L. Oakley, AALL's Vice President/President-Elect, has announced the theme for AALL's 2001 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from July 15 to 19. Speaking at a meeting of the host Chapter, the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL), Bob announced that the theme would be 2001: NEW REALITIES, NEW ROLES.

Bob explained that the choice of this theme was intended to provide members with an opportunity to learn more about the profound changes going on in our profession, from changes in legal publishing to changes in our libraries and the nature of our jobs. He said that he hopes members will leave the Conference with the skills to manage those changes effectively and to emerge as leaders in their own organizations, as they deal with these far-reaching developments.

Kathie Sullivan, the Program Committee Chair for the Meeting, who joins with Bob in making this announcement, said that this theme will provide AALL members with an opportunity to examine their profession and their roles in a changing legal, technological, and library environment. The trend of recent business literature has been to examine the "blur" of an inter-connected economy as well as the changing expectations of information seekers. As librarians, we face many challenges as we rethink our libraries, re-define our positions and duties in our parent organizations, and re-invent our profession. "We wanted to combine the current thinking in business and information-related fields with our own realities and changing roles to help our members become fluid, flexible, and focused professionals," Sullivan said.

Members of MALL were pleased that the theme was first announced here. They are excited and proud that their city will be the host for the 2001 Annual Meeting, and they have promised everyone a good time along with the excellent program. According to Pat Cummings, one of the Co-Chairs of the Local Advisory Committee, over 75% of the membership of MALL has already signed up to make this Meeting a special one. Reflecting on nearby St. Paul as a "jewel in the night," Local Advisory Committee co-chair Marvin Anderson said, "We will make this the best Annual Meeting in the history of the Association."

Bob, Kathie, Pat, Marvin, and all the members of MALL are looking forward to an exceptional Convention in the Twin Cities. We hope you will plan to be there.