ARCHIVED: Seeking Comments on New AALL Strategic Plan

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May 23, 2000

AALL Members Are Invited to Comment on the Draft of a New Strategic Plan 2000 - 2005

From AALL President Margie Axtmann:

I'm pleased to be able to provide you with a link to the final draft of a new AALL Strategic Plan for 2000-2005: I invite you to review the document and give me your comments and suggestions by June15th: . Your input as an AALL member is important to the Executive Board before it approves the plan at its next scheduled meeting in Philadelphia in July 2000. AALL's strength and its ability to implement such an ambitious plan depends on the efforts and enthusiasm of its volunteers, and members like you.

This new plan is the result of extensive consultation and collaboration among many entities and individuals. The Executive Board consulted with the membership at the July 1999 Annual Meeting and Conference and conducted an electronic survey in late summer. In addition, the Executive Board devoted many hours at two strategic planning retreats, one in October 1999 and another in April 2000. The Executive Board's Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Ruth Fraley, helped enormously to prepare this final draft for your consideration. It includes many elements you would expect to find in such a plan: a revised Mission, a new Vision Statement, a Preamble that provides background on the process that we used to prepare it, and an Environmental Scan. These necessary background elements precede the actual plan, which is comprised of Strategic Directions, Outcomes, and AALL Initiatives.

The plan is focused on you, the AALL member, and on strategies AALL needs to pursue to make a real difference in your professional life. I know you will agree that if we are successful in achieving the Outcomes that are listed in the plan, we will have made a significant difference. The Executive Board needs your help right now. Please let me know by June 15th whether or not we are headed in the right direction, whether or not we are addressing the issues that are important to you and that are having an impact on your work and your professional life.