ARCHIVED: Contribute to Annual Meeting Daily Paper

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May 24, 2000


My name is Bill Burgess, and I am the committee chair for the daily newspaper to be distributed at the 2000 AALL Annual Meeting. Since the meeting will be in Philadelphia, it seemed logical that we would call the daily "Frankly Speaking," featuring a fanciful picture of Benjamin Franklin in the banner.

I hope to feature articles of interest to the law librarian profession and highlight the accomplishments of the scheduled speakers. We could use articles containing helpful day-to-day advice about our jobs or maybe a favorite "war story". We also will feature information about the Philadelphia area, including articles on historical sites, cultural events, tours, and dining. Humorous anecdotes, historical tidbits, even original cartoons and photos will also be welcome.

We also welcome notices of SIS and Committee meetings and special sessions. This is your chance to publicize your group's activities.

So sharpen your quill pens, fill the ink pot and send us your best creative effort. Help make "Frankly Speaking" the best AALL Annual Meeting newspaper ever!

The DEADLINE for submission of articles and other materials for the first edition (Sunday, July 16) is FRIDAY, JUNE 9.