ARCHIVED: AALL Action Alert: FY 2001 Legislative Branch Appropriations

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May 25, 2000

Dear AALL Members and Users of Government Information,

Yesterday, both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees reported out their FY 2001 Legislative Branch Appropriations bills. Action is needed immediately as it is likely that these bills may be voted on by the full House and Senate tomorrow, May 25th.


We sent out a warning on May 11th about the proposed House cuts to the Federal Depository Library Program. Yesterday the House Appropriations Committee reported H.R. 4516 (H. Rept. 106-635) that cuts 11% from GPO's Congressional Printing and Binding (CP&B) and ends the printing of such core titles as the daily Congressional Record, the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, congressional documents, reports and hearings, and the 2000 version of the official U.S. Code. H.R. 4516 also reduces the Superintendent of Documents Salaries and Expenses (S&E) that funds the FDLP by 61%, thereby gutting the program.

Also yesterday, the Senate Appropriations Committee reported S. 2603 (S. Rprt. 106-299) that raises the CP&B to $73.3 million (slightly below the FY 2000 figure) and the S&E to $30.2 million (slightly above FY 2000 budget). We are very pleased with the Senate action, but remain concerned about the future of the 2000 version of the U.S. Code. GPO had requested an additional $2.8 million for CP&B to produce the U.S. Code, and an additional $1.6 million to cover the costs of producing and distributing the Code for depository libraries.


HOUSE ACTION: Please call your Representative immediately and urge him/her to vote "no" on H.R. 4516 as reported out of the Appropriations Committee yesterday. H.R. 4516 cuts CP&B funding for the print production of core titles (CR, FR, CFR, U.S. Code) and, by decreasing the S&E funding by 61%, ends the distribution of any print publications through the Federal Depository Library Program.

In opposing the extreme cuts recommended in H.R. 4516, urge your representative to support the Public Printer's full funding requests of $80.8 million for the CP&B and $34.4 million for the S&E.

SENATE ACTION: Please call your Senators immediately and express your gratitude that the Senate Appropriations Committee has restored level funding for the CP&B and the S&E. However, let them know that the 2000 version of the official U.S. Code is a core document of democracy and urge that GPO be provided with additional funding to cover the costs of its production and distribution to depository libraries:
$2.8 million for Congressional Printing & Binding
$1.6 million for Salaries and Expenses

Lastly, as you make your calls, invite your representatives to visit your library during the Memorial Day recess next week, or offer to meet with them at their district offices.


Mary Alice Baish
AALL Associate Washington Affairs Representative