ARCHIVED: 2001 Annual Meeting Theme Announced

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October 05, 2000

Bob Oakley (AALL Vice President/President-Elect ) and Kathie Sullivan (2001 Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee Chair) are pleased to announce the theme for the AALL Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. "2001: New Realities, New Roles" will provide AALL members with an opportunity to examine their profession and their roles in a changing legal, technological, and library environment.

According to Bob Oakley, the goals of this meeting are two-fold: first, the theme needed to suggest some of the important issues facing all law librarians in a conceptual framework, and second, the program proposal process needed to involve as many member groups as possible.

The trend of recent business literature has been to examine the "blur" of an inter-connected economy as well as the changing expectations of information seekers. As librarians, we face many challenges as we rethink our libraries, re-define our positions and duties in our parent organizations, and re-invent our profession. We wanted to combine the current thinking in business and information-related fields with our own realities and changing roles and create fluid, flexible and focused professionals.

Members who have been coming to the Annual Meeting for a few years will no doubt recall attending the 1990 meeting in Minneapolis when the theme was "Beyond Excellence" and where "a major emphasis of the program [was] to focus on law librarians as legal information specialists by identifying our roles as important components in the legal as well as general library communities." (1990 AALL Preliminary Program Welcome message, p.2) The 2001 Meeting will provide members and program planners with an opportunity to reexamine some of the concepts and trends discussed in 1990.

Please join AALL and the members of AMPSC in creating tools for managing and strategies for recognizing and coping with the blur in our profession and our workplaces at the Annual Meeting in 2001. We hope to provide innovative and creative program opportunities and partnerships to help us explore new realities and new roles. We hope you will join us in Minneapolis and contribute to our new vision.