ARCHIVED: AALL Resource Guide #6 Tackles Negotiation in Law Libraries

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October 05, 2000

Do you dread approaching your firm administrator with a request for more staff ? Does bargaining with a vendor tie your stomach in knots? AALL Resource Guide No. 6: Negotiation in Law Libraries can soothe your fears and turn you into a crack negotiator.

This eight-page guide, the latest installment in the AALL Resource Guide series, will help you to prepare for the negotiation process by completing a seven-step checklist, teach you how to keep communication lines open, and show you how to work through difficulties to achieve the desired results.

Negotiation in Law Libraries is available individually at $11.25 for members and $12.50 for non-members. Or, you can order the entire series at a discounted rate of $60 for members and $80 for non-members. Titles for Guides #1 through #5 are How to Hire a Law Librarian, Expanding Roles for Law Librarians, Space Planning for Law Libraries, Collection Rebalancing for Law Libraries, and The Internet as a Legal Research Tool. Future guides include #7: The Law Library as a Marketing Tool and #8: The Law Librarian's Changing Role.

You can order the AALL Resource Guides online at