ARCHIVED: REMINDER -- Deadline to Volunteer for a Committee is Only Six Weeks Away!

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October 19, 2000

Take the Challenge: Volunteer for an AALL Committee

Deadline: December 1, 2000

A Message from Barbara Bintliff, AALL Vice President/President-Elect:

What do you want AALL to be? What do you want it to do for you, for the profession of law librarianship, and for librarianship and law in general?

These aren't idle questions. AALL is THE professional association for law librarians, and AALL is what we, the members, make of it. Our association does what we, the members, direct it to do. And right now, we members can participate in leading the association's activities by volunteering for a committee assignment.

As Vice President/President-Elect, one of my responsibilities is to appoint new members to AALL's 30 or so committees. I hope you will make the decision now to volunteer for a committee appointment.

Much of the work of AALL is done through its committees. Committee members have the opportunity to influence decisions, meet new people, and learn skills and information they can apply on the job. The work is interesting, challenging, informative, and fun, and it has a real impact on our work and our members. There is a committee to meet your particular interest, and they all have openings for additional members.

Don't think committee membership is the exclusive territory of library directors! We need the perspective of newer as well as experienced members, from all types of law libraries and every kind of job.

If the future of your profession and your professional association is important to you, volunteer for a committee appointment. A complete list of the current committees and their charges is in the AALL Directory and Handbook, and you can fill out the form online at AALLNET -- just go to

Please complete the form. I'm sure you will value the interesting and important work you'll be involved in, on a committee of your choice, as you meet and work with new colleagues in a leadership capacity. But I can't put you on a committee until you submit the form! Please remember, the deadline is December 1, 2000.

Take responsibility for your future and the future of your profession's organization. We're all in this together! Volunteering is a decision you won't regret.