ARCHIVED: AALL Invites Grant Applications from the AALL Research Fund: An Endowment Established by LEXIS-NEXIS

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November 30, 2000

The Research Committee of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications through March 2, 2001 for grants from the AALL Research Fund established by LEXIS NEXIS in July 2000. One or more grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded in 2001 to library professionals wishing to conduct research having a bearing on law librarianship and the profession.

The grant application and guidelines are available at

The Research Committee revised the Association's Research Agenda, which serves as a list of suggestions for possible research projects. Though by no means comprehensive, the Agenda's suggestions address the major topic areas of the Profession of Law Librarianship, Law Library Patrons, Law Library Services, Legal Research and Bibliography, Legal Information Resources, and Law Library Facilities. (For a copy of the Research Committee's complete Research Agenda, see

The grants will fund one or more projects of practical value to a large segment of those professions that create, disseminate or use legal and law-related information. The monetary grants may be used to assist in small or large research projects; all applications will be considered.

Applicants must demonstrate experience with research projects and understanding of the dissemination and use of legal and law-related information. Priority will be given to practicing law librarians and AALL members, working individually or in partnership with other information professionals. Applicants must provide a resume and a statement of their qualifications for carrying out this project.

The submission deadline for this application period is March 2, 2001. Grants will be awarded and announced by April 9, 2001. Allocation of the research grants will be at the sole discretion of the AALL Research Committee. The committee members are:

Kevin L. Butterfield (Chair), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Johanna C. Bizub, Prudential Insurance Company of America

Celeste Feather, University of Connecticut

Ellen J. Platt, Santa Clara University

Dorene S. Smith, Ater Wynne, LLP

Denise R. Stanley, Shapiro and Olander

Nancy L. Strohmeyer, Loyola University, New Orleans

Barbara A. Bintliff (Executive Board Liaison), University of Colorado

LEXIS NEXIS has been a long time supporter and partner of AALL. The Company is proud of the success with other partnerships with AALL such as the John Johnson Scholarship fund. With these new research grants, LEXIS NEXIS hopes to continue expressing its commitment to the advancement and future development of the profession of information professionals.

LEXIS  NEXIS's support for AALL and its members isn't limited to scholarships or these research funds. They also sponsor eight AALL Resource Guides for law firm libraries, the AALL Toolkit on the Value of Law Libraries, and numerous events at each Annual Meeting.