ARCHIVED: AALL/LEXIS-NEXIS John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

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January 18, 2001

Candidates who apply for AALL Educational Scholarships Type I-IV are automatically eligible to receive the LEXIS-NEXIS John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship, the first AALL-endowed scholarship. It was established in 1994 by LEXIS-NEXIS in honor of John Johnson, Director of the Legal Librarian segment who died in January 1994.

Johnson was a long-time law library supporter, believing that librarians are "the only ones who know how real users use real information." He viewed his role as the voice of librarians at LEXIS-NEXIS where he began a successful law school program that prepares law school students for their careers.

Application forms are available at the American Association of Law Libraries web site, AALLNET ( or from the AALL Headquarters, 312.939.4764. The deadline for all scholarships is April 1, 2001.