ARCHIVED: Nominations Committee Seeks Candidates for AALL Board

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February 8, 2001

The AALL Nominations Committee is in the process of identifying possible candidates for the 2001 Executive Board election. Candidates are needed for the offices of Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, and two Executive Board members.

The Nominations Committee is charged with presenting, to the best of its ability, a slate of candidates reflecting the diversity of AALL's membership. The membership of the Executive board must maintain a balance of library type, geographic location, gender, and minority representation.

How is this accomplished? Members of the Nominations Committee review lists of AALL members who have served in leadership positions and compile a master list of possible candidates. In addition, the committee solicits input from SIS Chairs and AALL Chapter Presidents, law-lib, and AALL membership listservs. News items, such as this one, seek to include individual members of the Association in the process.

The Nominations Committee considers a master list culled from all of these sources. Each individual on the list is contacted to determine his or her willingness to serve. Those willing to be considered are included in a shorter list of potential candidates that is again reviewed by the committee, which matches individual names with available offices, keeping in mind the committee's charge to balance the slate. Each individual on this abbreviated list is called a second time to determine his or her willingness to serve as a candidate for a specific office. From responses to this round of calls, a slate is prepared at the Annual Meeting.

Be a part of the process of selecting AALL leadership for the future. All AALL members are strongly encouraged to submit names to be considered for AALL office by writing any member of the Nominations Committee or AALL Headquarters by April 23, 2001.

2001 Nominations Committee

  • Cornell H. Winston, Chair
  • Martha Dragich
  • John Eichstadt
  • Paul George
  • John W. Lai
  • Regina L. Smith
  • Linda G. Will