ARCHIVED: AMPC Calls for Hot Topics

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April 05, 2001

The Annual Meeting Program Committee wants to know what Hot Topics you're yearning to see as a program during the AALL 2001 Annual Meeting. When you turn in your ideas or suggestions for this year's Hot Topics program by April 20, the Committee will to review your proposals and choose one to include in the AALL Final Program.

The Committee is continuing the tradition of reserving one program slot for a breaking topic or substantive issue that they didn't discuss last August when they selected programs. By now many members have received their Preliminary Programs in the mail and checked out the various program topics and speakers. AMPC is looking for program suggestions not represented in the Preliminary Program. It's been eight months since proposals were submitted. What's new? What's different? What's problematic for you? What's hot?

Here are the guidelines for submitting a program proposal:

  • Review the sample program proposal forms in the Program Planner's Handbook at The handbook contains the information you need to properly submit a proposal.
  • Please SUGGEST speakers for each program. You may contact them before submitting the proposals in order to determine their willingness and availability, but please do not make any firm commitments until you receive acceptance.
  • Please indicate anticipated speaker expenses. (A speaker control form outlines acceptable expenses at
  • Please submit your proposals to Kathie J. Sullivan, chair of the 2001 Annual Meeting Program Committee, by April 20 or earlier.

Good luck and get those ideas submitted early!