ARCHIVED: AALL Executive Board Approves Core Competencies

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May 03, 2001

The American Association of Law Libraries Executive Board approved the AALL Statement of Competencies of Law Librarianship in March, thus officially defining the profession of law librarianship and its value to the legal field.

The competencies statement specifically identifies, verifies and promotes the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics of superior law librarians. The first section, titled "Core Competencies," details the skills and knowledge every librarian needs to acquire early in their careers. The "Specialized Competencies" section examines the expertise needed to excel in specialty areas of law librarianship, such as library management and information technology.

The AALL competencies also serve as a functional and practical guide for a variety of legal information specialists and environments. Individual librarians can use the competencies to coordinate their continuing education as they identify areas for professional growth. Employers will find the competencies useful when they make hiring, evaluation and promotion decisions and recommendations for professional development. The AALL uses the competencies to structure its professional development programs to ensure that the programs will assist law librarians in attaining and maintaining the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive and grow in their evolving field.

The Statement of Competencies of Law Librarianship is available on AALLNET at