ARCHIVED: There's No Place Like AALL, AALL Membership Reaches Record Levels

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June 7, 2001

The American Association of Law Libraries appears to be attracting more law librarians and legal information specialists than ever before. This past year, AALL membership has soared to its highest count on record --5,149-- consisting of 5,068 dues-paying members, three honorary members and 78 life members.

Since June 1, 2000, 598 new members, including 62 students, joined AALL. Of these nearly 600 new members, 176 joined as part of the First Year Free campaign. The program invited law library directors to offer a free one-year membership to someone who had never been a member of AALL. Thanks to the success of this program, AALL now counts among its members more clerks, library assistants, judges and trustees than ever before.

In an effort to increase and diversify its member base even more, AALL has launched the Make the Connection program. Both members AND library directors who pay their dues before July 1 will each receive a Make the Connection coupon, redeemable for one free membership for anyone who has never been a member of AALL.

Pay your dues ... Enhance your professional world ... Extend AALL's benefits and resources to a colleague ... Make the Connection.