ARCHIVED: Hot Topic Announced for 2001 AALL Annual Meeting

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June 21, 2001

Our Realities, Our Roles, and Our Responses to Nicholson Baker's Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper is this year's Hot Topic at the AALL Annual Meeting in Minneapolis (Program D-5, Sunday, July 15, 4:00-5:00 p.m.).

You've heard the interviews, read the commentary and maybe even own the book. Now you'll have a chance to engage in a lively debate with colleagues on perhaps the most controversial publication to hit a librarian's reading list since AACR2.

We've grown up with many book myths:
Don't write in books (but see the new book Marginalia).
Don't bend the pages (but there is a double-fold test).
We've made budget decisions based on space and format (get micro-copies, discard the original).

And now Baker would like to call some of our standard practices into question. How do we resolve the mixed thought processes confronting us? Whether you agree or disagree with Baker and his recommendations, two things are certain: One solution does not fit every library or institution. And the topics we consider on a daily basis (and in nearly every program at this conference) are all related to the "Double Fold Debate" and the work of several special committees and organizations. A combination book club discussion and town meeting will feature Troy Johnson of the Klutznick Law Library at the Creighton University School of Law as speaker, reactor and provocateur; the audience will be encouraged to participate in the open forum after initial remarks by the panel.

Join us for the Hot Topic and be prepared to take part in a sizzling hour of discourse.

Register for the AALL Annual Meeting in Minneapolis before June 29 to obtain the AALL member discounted rate.