ARCHIVED: Annual Meeting Tapes and Handouts Available for Purchase

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September 20, 2001

Experience the Annual Meeting all over again by purchasing the 2001 AALL Annual Meeting Audiotapes and Handouts. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your library's collection with educational materials in a variety of formats or provide materials for staff members who were unable to attend these important educational events.

Audiotapes are available for $10 each or the complete set (more than 70 programs) is available for $499. Audiotapes are also available for prior Annual Meetings.

Handouts are available in a complete (4 volume) set for $75 for members ($95 nonmembers) or as individual volumes:

  • Sunday Programs (A-1 - D-7): $30 Members ($45 nonmembers)
  • Monday Programs (E-1 - F-7): $15 Members ($20 nonmembers)
  • Tuesday Programs (G-1 - I-7): $30 Members ($45 nonmembers)
  • Wednesday Programs (J-1 - K-7): $15 Members ($20 nonmembers)

Audiotapes and handouts from the 2001 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference can be ordered online at