ARCHIVED: Committee Seeks Nominees for Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award

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December 13, 2001

Each year many new bibliographic resources are published. Here's the perfect chance for you to recommend your favorite for special recognition.

The AALL Awards Committee is seeking nominees for the 2002 Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award, which honors a significant contribution to legal bibliographical literature.

The broadly defined term "legal bibliographical literature" includes compilations of titles, published in any format, organized to serve as a reference tool or research aid for such publications. The work need not have the word "bibliography" in its title. Each nominated work will be measured primarily by its creative, evaluative elements and the extent to which judgment was a factor in its formation.

Nominees for the 2002 award must have an imprint of 2001. New editions of previous winners may be nominated as long as the initial award was presented prior to 1999.

Anyone may submit a title or titles for consideration. Each submission should include complete bibliographic information and a paragraph or two explaining why the title is especially praiseworthy. You need not provide a copy of the work to the committee.