ARCHIVED: AALL Executive Board Proposes Membership Dues Increase

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January 17, 2002

Spurred by declining revenue and a need for a more stable financial foundation, the AALL Executive Board unanimously approved a proposal to raise membership dues during its November 2001 board meeting.

If approved by the membership, the $45 dues increase would be phased in over three years. Dues would rise from the current annual amount of $142 to $160 in June 2003; to $175 in June 2004; and finally to $190 in June 2005. The board wants to raise dues incrementally to give members the opportunity to plan for and absorb the gradual increase.

Because membership dues are the steadiest and most predictable source of income, the dues increase would provide a stronger base of support for the Association and it's activities, according to the Executive Board. AALL membership dues currently generate only 22 percent of the Association's yearly income; in 1982, dues comprised 33 percent of AALL's income. About one-third of AALL's annual income -- almost a million dollars a year -- is derived from vendors and other outside entities, which is not a guaranteed source of income each year.

The dues increase will be discussed at the AALL Annual Meeting July 17-21 in Orlando, Fla., during the General Business Meeting, which is open to AALL members and meeting attendees. Members will then vote on the issue in a referendum in September.

The last time AALL raised membership dues was in 1988; dues increased from $65 to $115. (In accordance with the AALL Bylaws, marginal increases in membership dues have occurred since then to keep pace with the rate of inflation.)

For more information or questions about the proposed membership dues increase, please contact any member of the Executive Board.