ARCHIVED: AALL Centennial Task Force Wants Your Ideas

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February 14, 2002

Take an active part in planning a once-in-a-lifetime event. The AALL Centennial Planning Task Force is looking for ideas from AALL members on the best ways to commemorate the Association's 100th anniversary in 2006.

To celebrate AALL's centennial, the task force proposed a myriad of ideas that would promote law librarianship and AALL's contributions to the profession when they met on Feb. 4 in Chicago. They considered a number of suggestions that would involve both the law librarian and non-law librarian communities. The task force's proposals included publishing an AALL history book; creating a digital archive; coordinating programs and exhibits at other organizations, including the American Bar Association and the American Library Association; developing a special logo to brand centennial events and products; and establishing a Centennial Endowment Scholarship. Many of these ideas will go into effect when AALL's centennial celebration kicks off at the 2005 AALL Annual Meeting and continue throughout the year, culminating at the 2006 AALL Annual Meeting. (To review the AALL Centennial Task Force charge, please visit

Now the Centennial Planning Task Force wants to hear from AALL members about how they would like to celebrate this milestone. Member input is welcome on all fronts. From contests to publicity to chapter and national events to fundraising, the task force wants member comments and suggestions for the historic yearlong celebration.

Please send your ideas and questions about AALL's centennial to Lolly Gasaway, chair of the AALL Centennial Planning Task Force, at

AALL Centennial Planning Task Force

Lolly Gasaway, Chair

Richard Amelung

Carol D. Billings

Dwight King

Kathleen S. Martin

Paul D. Healey, Editorial Director, AALL Spectrum (ex officio)

Frank G. Houdek, Editor, Law Library Journal (ex officio)

Joan Shear, Chair, Public Relations Committee (ex officio)

Susan E. Fox, Staff Liaison

Anne C. Matthewman, Executive Board Liaison