ARCHIVED: It's Time to Renew Your AALL Membership

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March 21, 2002

It's that time of year again ... Renew your AALL membership by June 1. Watch your mail for your heads-up flyer and invoice in April.

Membership Renewal Schedule:

April 1: Membership flyers are mailed to AALL members informing them of AALL member benefits and encouraging them to renew.
April 15: Dues invoices are mailed to all library directors for their institutionally paid memberships and to all other individual members.
July 1: Second dues invoices are mailed
Aug. 15: Expiration notices are faxed to all members: individual and those paid by institutions.
Sept. 1: Expired members are deleted from the AALL membership database and access to AALLNET Members Only Section; Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum subscriptions are discontinued.