ARCHIVED: Dupont and Goldberg Named Recipients of Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award

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May 9, 2002

The AALL Awards Committee has selected Jerry Dupont, executive director of the Law Library Microform Consortium, and Jolande Goldberg, senior cataloging policy specialist for law classification at the Library of Congress, as the recipients of the 2002 Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award.

Dupont was named for The Common Law Abroad: Constitutional and Legal Legacy of the British Empire (Fred B. Rothman Publications, 2001). Goldberg was recognized for Library of Congress Classification. KBR, KBU. History of Canon Law. Law of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy See, the most recent volume of Library of Congress Class K: Law (Library of Congress, 2001).

The Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award honors significant contributions to legal bibliographic literature. Each nominated work is measured primarily by its creative and evaluative elements and the extent to which judgment was a factor in the formation of the work. The Association's oldest award, it was established in 1967 to honor Joseph L. Andrews, a reference librarian at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. The 2002 Andrews Award Subcommittee members consisted of Deanna Barmakian, John J. Hasko, Deborah Ward and Chair Phyllis Marion.

The Common Law Abroad is a bibliography of works relating to the law of the British colonies. Covering 173 jurisdictions -- excluding Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the United States -- it describes the corpus of constitutional and legal titles generated in those jurisdictions while under British influence. The collections of the world's 12 most complete law libraries served as the primary sources of bibliographic information. The book contains complete bibliographic details for each title and holdings information for the libraries. The background narratives for each jurisdiction provide an historical and constitutional context for the titles. Although primary materials are emphasized, the book includes secondary materials and general treatises; an annotated list of more than 300 general treatises on the common law opens this work of 1,200-plus pages.

Jolande Goldberg has been involved with the Library of Congress Class K project since 1972, when she took on the development of the classification of German law (KK-KKC) as a model for all civil law jurisdictions. Following this with the law of France (KJV-KJW), she started to explore classification structures for overarching concepts of law. In time, she developed the regionalism policy to provide a basis for the classification of comparative, uniform and organization law as it relates to all regions of the world, as well as for the body of law emanating from or governing individual jurisdictions identified with those regions. The publication of the KBR-KBU schedules is the culmination of a life's work for Goldberg. It marks the end of a project that will provide for the classification and control of legal materials for future years.

About the Authors
Jerry Dupont received his B.A. in philosophy and Latin and Greek from St. Mary's College (Indiana). He earned his J.D. and M.A.L.S. from the University of Michigan. Dupont was the founding library director at the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law, where he twice served as acting dean. While at the University of Hawaii, Dupont added an M.B.A. to his collection of degrees. In 1976, he founded the Law Library Microform Consortium. He left the University of Hawaii in 1983 to devoted himself full-time as the executive director of the consortium.

Jolande Goldberg received her education and training as a lawyer and artist at a number of universities in Germany (Munich and Heidelberg), England (Goldsmith College, School of Art and Design, and the University of London) and the United States (Georgetown University). She has been at the Library of Congress since 1967. Goldberg is also a specialist in garden sculpture; her trademark is customized fountains for intimate garden settings. She has exhibited internationally and has received commissions in the United States and abroad for private gardens. She is listed in Who's Who in American Women.

The awards will be presented to the recipients July 22 at the Association Luncheon at the 95th Annual Meeting and Conference in Orlando, Fla.