ARCHIVED: LexisNexis™ Invites Annual Meeting Attendees to Check Out Its Hottest Happenings

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July 18, 2002

LexisNexis™, a global leader in comprehensive and authoritative legal, news and business information and tailored applications, will not only kick off the 95th AALL Annual Meeting with its Opening Reception but will also showcase its new products and enhancements at the conference July 20-24 in Orlando, Fla.

LexisNexis Booth

New! Librarian Practice Page provides quick and easy access to LexisNexis reference and research resources most often consulted by librarians. Librarians in all markets who conduct online legal research and have a need for quick access to essential reference, company, news and secondary legal sources will benefit greatly from this page.

New! LexisNexis Litigation Support by DolphinSearch is a suite of litigation services designed to meet the complete needs of law firms during the discovery and document management phases of litigation. It offers a superior solution that saves law firms and their clients time and money.

CourtLink® eAccess ensures that search results for legal documents are returned faster, more effectively and more economically. Case information is delivered to your desktop 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Librarians will love their ability to retrieve full docket reports, generate ALERT notifications on newly filed cases, and track existing cases. Enhanced search capabilities allow librarians to search multiple databases at a time.

LexisNexis Tech Café
LexisNexis gives AALL attendees a sneak peak at what is coming down the pike. enhancements coming in August include:

  • Source Selection enhancements make finding and selecting sources more intuitive, faster and more customized.
  • The Fast Print feature is another new print option on that makes printing faster and easier. Every time researchers choose Fast Print after they set up the default printer or format, their documents will print without showing pop-up confirmation windows or estimated page count windows. When viewing the complete text of the document on LexisNexis, also known as reading the document in "full view," users clicking Fast Print will experience one-click printing.
  • The Print Utility streamlines the print process to an attached printer and saves users two to five clicks for each print/download.
  • The NALP (National Directory of Legal Employers) Mail Merge function allows users to download information contained in NALP to create form letters and mailing labels.
  • Custom ID and Password for Law Students is a new feature that allows law students to change the user ID assigned to them by LexisNexis to an ID they can easily remember.

Cost recovery tools help law firms identify and analyze their use and billing of online legal research, compare costs to client billing and income (cost recovery), and work as a partner with the firm's accounting or finance department to achieve a productive, unified billing strategy for the firm. This strategy, in turn, improves the firm's income and profits.

LexisNexis Opening Reception at Sea World, Sunday, July 21 at 7:15 p.m.

LexisNexis invites all attendees to celebrate the beginning of this year's AALL Annual Meeting with a trip to SeaWorld. Attendees can count on a fabulous show from Shamu as well as a great opportunity for seeing old friends. Busses will transport attendees from the AALL conference to Sea World.

LexisNexis Theater
LexisNexis is hosting a series of intimate, informal presentations by high-level executives on various topics. The presentations will last about 10 minutes, which will provide plenty of time for Q&A and for the executives to get a chance to know and understand better the librarian community.

Featured Presentations at AALL Conference
To Recover or Not to Recover (a cost-recovery analysis)
Creating Connections with the Courts
Where Will It End? Law Book Pricing Study
Around the World Wide Web: 60 Sites in 60 Minutes
How to Overcome Information Overload
Take Back Your Time: How to Regain Control of Work, Information and Technology
Creating Connections for Equity in the Information Age