ARCHIVED: AALL Task Force Wants Your Opinions on the Salary Survey

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August 8, 2002

The AALL Biennial Salary Survey has been published since 1993, a period long enough to begin establishing trend data but still recent enough to benefit from selected enhancements. The next survey will be conducted in 2003, and the Task Force to Review the Biennial Salary Survey wants to hear from YOU!

  • How do you, the AALL member, view the usefulness of the publication?
  • Does it contain data that you believe to be ambiguous, misleading or incomplete?
  • Are there other appropriate means for identifying member needs that are not currently being met or that may benefit from improved data collection?
  • Are the geographic regions appropriate for comparisons?
  • The 2001 survey listed salaries as of June 1, 2001. Earlier surveys listed salaries as of July 1. Which date is better for comparison purposes?
  • Are there ways we can increase the number of libraries participating in the survey?
  • Are there statistics that are not currently being collected that you would like to see collected in future surveys?
  • How would you change the AALL Biennial Salary Survey?

The 2001 survey is available in the Members Only Section of AALLNET. Please give your thoughts to any member of the task force by Sept. 13.

Task Force to Review the Biennial Salary Survey:

Maryruth Storer, chair
Bill Beintema
Virginia Bryant
John Davey
Connie Dickson