ARCHIVED: Listserv Discussion to Focus on How to Make Libraries Relevant

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November 21, 2002

Find out how other law librarians are keeping their libraries relevant or share your library's secrets of success during this period of economic downsizing and tightening budgets. Join the Professional Development Program's upcoming moderated listserv discussion, Making (or Keeping) Your Library Relevant in Today's World, Dec. 2-Dec. 6.

The discussion will poll all types of law librarians, such as those from law firms, law schools, bar associations, and federal, state, court or county law libraries, to determine the benchmarks of a "relevant" law library. Participants will discuss specific initiatives they have implemented to make their libraries relevant, such as new services or products. They will share how they keep the libraries' ultimate decision-makers, including deans, firm partners, library committees and boards of trustees, aware of the libraries' relevance.

Participants are encouraged to refer to the following articles prior to or during the discussion:

  • In the Nov. 16, 2001, issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education, the article titled "As Students Work Online, Reading Rooms Empty Out -- Leading Some Campuses to Add Starbucks" points out that "more and more students are entering libraries not through turnstiles but through phone lines and fiber-optic cables."
  • The Sept. 27, 2002, edition of the Wall Street Journal published a follow-up article titled "Taste: That Strange Hissing Sound," on the same topic above, quoting the original Chronicle article.
  • Rosalie Sanderson, moderator for this listserv discussion, identifies the measures that academic law libraries have taken to maintain their relevance to law students in the electronic age in her article "Taking Action to Make Libraries Relevant to Today's Law Students,"

To join this listserv discussion and share your ideas about relevance and your library, go to