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December 12, 2002

AALLNET, the Web site of the American Association of Law Libraries, will soon receive a much-needed make-over within the next few months. AALL plans to redesign AALLNET to offer better stability, more security, and a fresh new look.

To prepare for AALLNET’s new capabilities and to support its ever-growing needs, AALL recently hired a full-time webmaster, Arek Tarasiewicz, to oversee the site. The Association also purchased a new high-speed server to house the Web site at AALL Headquarters in Chicago.

The Executive Board and the AALLNET Advisory Committee will work with the AALL staff to plan the redesign. Members can voice their suggestions and comments for the new Web site at a message board on AALLNET at

AALL thanks Mark Folmsbee and Washburn University for graciously hosting AALLNET for more than five years.

For further information, contact AALL Director of Information Technology Reggie Swanigan.