ARCHIVED: AALL Policy Ensures Fair Elections

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January 9, 2003

To maintain AALL’s fine tradition of impartial and fair elections, candidates for the AALL Executive Board must adhere to the Association’s Conduct of Election Policy.

According to the policy, AALL candidates are not allowed to campaign for elected office. They are prohibited from campaign activities such as distributing flyers, buttons or other promotional items that are intended to persuade members to vote for them. Candidates may express their opinions or ideas about AALL policies or issues only under circumstances that assure fairness to the other candidates for the same position on the Executive Board. But they may not respond or comment on another candidate's views or positions. In addition, candidates may not seek nor should they receive endorsements from individuals and AALL entities, such as Special Interest Sections and chapters.

For more information about the AALL Conduct of Election Policy, go to