ARCHIVED: PBS TV Show to Focus on Media and Democracy

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April 3, 2003

PBS’ “NOW with Bill Moyers” will examine the media’s coverage of the war in Iraq and how democracy is affected by the pending Federal Communications Commission proposal on media consolidation in a special one-hour show on April 4.

Moyers will talk to writer and editor Greg Mitchell about how the war in Iraq is being covered by the American media. Mitchell has edited several national magazines and written eight nonfiction books for major publishers. He is currently the editor of Editor & Publisher, the authoritative weekly magazine covering the newspaper industry in North America

As the FCC considers further deregulating corporate media, big media may get even bigger. “NOW” goes inside the debate over relaxing restrictions that could result in multibillion-dollar media conglomerates gaining more control over the nation's radio and television airwaves. Opponents of media consolidation fear that giving these giants a free pass to let the marketplace rule could severely affect the ability of journalists to be independent. If deregulation does take place, can democracy survive without the diversity of ideas presented by a truly free press?

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