ARCHIVED: Calling All Academic Librarians: Let's Evaluate the ABA Standards for Academic Law Libraries

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May 13, 2004

As part of a continuing effort to keep the law school accreditation process current, the American Bar Association's Committee on Legal Education will soon turn its attention to reviewing law school library standards and considering revisions to its current standards. The 2004 standards appear in Chapter Six, Library and Information Resources and in Chapter 7, Facilities, Standard 702, Law Library.

The ABA is soliciting input from various groups, including AALL, the Association of American Law Schools, and the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. The ABA Law Library Committee has been charged with gathering the ideas of AALL members and presenting them to the ABA . Towards that end, Judith Wright will post individual standards to the Professional Development Online Forum and solicit your comments. She will gather, compile, and report to the committee about the conversations on this discussion list. There is much at stake, and she hopes that you will take the time to comment on the ABA standards.

In most states, students cannot be admitted to practice without graduating from an accredited law school. All academic law librarians need to understand the standards that must be met in order to be accredited by the ABA . This online forum will promote an essential competency:

1.3 Understands and supports the culture and context of the library and its parent institution

In addition, this online forum will enhance competencies of the participants for the following competencies:

2.7 Provides leadership within the parent organization to ensure that the library is vital to that organization

2.9 Tracks, anticipates, and influences changes in policy and legislation that impact the library and the profession

5.1 Creates collection development policies that are appropriate to the overall mission of the parent organization

6.4 Designs curricula and methods to meet the educational needs of clients and evaluates the educational process for effectiveness

6.5 Educates clients in the methodologies of legal research

6.6 Provides training and guidance on the organization and use of legal resources in various formats

The moderators will be Judith Wright, Glen-Peter Ahlers, Pauline Aranas, Charles Ten Brink, Steve Hinckley, Timothy Kearley, Carol Avery Nicholson, Rita Reusch, and Chris Simoni. The discussion will be held May 17-31.

To join the discussion, click here. For questions and concerns, contact Pam Deemer.

After May 31, the list subscribers will be purged; you will not be subscribing to a permanent list. Subscribers to past Career Development/Prodev Forums, please note: Because the Prodev subscriber list is purged after each forum, you will have to re-subscribe for this new one .

Join in, and hear what your colleagues will be talking about during those two weeks.