ARCHIVED: From the Desk of Victoria K. Trotta - 10/28/2004

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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Due to popular demand, the strategic directions moderated listserv discussions are being extended for another week! Thoughtful member contributions are critical to creating a strategic directions document that will inform AALL programs and services of the future. What are your observations about the trends in your sector of the legal profession? How do those trends translate into professional challenges facing you as a law librarian? What are your opinions about how current AALL programs and services support your professional development and success? What is your vision of an ideal AALL in the future?

To join the moderated listserv discussions already in progress, follow the link:

Remember there are also two other ways to get your $.02 in - the AALL at the Watercooler, and the online questionnaire.

Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to this important activity. We want to hear from you.


Victoria K. Trotta
Associate Dean for Information Technology and the Ross-Blakley Law Library