ARCHIVED: From the Desk of Claire M. Germain - 3/30/2006

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Partnering with Decision Makers

In my March 2006 Spectrum Column, I asked for your success stories and challenges in partnering with decision makers. I'd love to hear from you. Please send your stories to

Law Librarians Listed in Occupational Outlook

For the first time, law librarians are listed in Occupational Outlook, in the Grab Bag, a career information magazine aimed at high school and college students and counselors. (Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Spring 2006, Vol. 50, Number 1). This is a great new opportunity to spread the message about law librarianship as a career possibility to students at an early stage in their career preparation.

Grab Bag
Opportunities for Law Librarians. The brief article is also available in PDF format.

100 Years in 100 Days

Did you know that 27 members attended AALL's second Annual Meeting at the Battery Park Hotel in Asheville, N.C., in 1907? Did you know that AALL ended its fourth year of existence, in 1910, with a balance on hand of $321.96? Or did you know that the first woman to serve as AALL president was Rosamond Parma in 1930-31?

If not, plan to visit AALLNET frequently over the next three months to learn more about the fascinating history of AALL during its first century. To whet your appetite for the Centennial festivities at the Annual Meeting in St. Louis, July 8-12, AALLNET will countdown AALL's 100 years, from 1906 to 2005, one year at a time for 100 days. Beginning today, Thursday, March 30, the spotlight will naturally first turn to 1906, the year of AALL's founding. Thereafter, a new year will be covered each day, culminating with 2005 on July 7.

Enjoying "100 Years in 100 Days" couldn't be easier. Clicking on the year listed beneath the Centennial logo on the AALLNET homepage will take you to facts about that year prepared by Frank G. Houdek. It will also provide a link to an archive of previously covered years ("One Hundred Years of AALL History") on the Centennial Website maintained by the AALL Centennial Celebration Committee.

So don't delay... learn about AALL history with "100 Years in 100 Days" beginning March 30.


Claire M. Germain
AALL President