ARCHIVED: From the Desk of Ann T. Fessenden - 5/9/2007

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

On behalf of the 2008 Annual Meeting Program Committee, it is our pleasure to announce the theme for AALL's 101st Annual Meeting in Portland:

Energize ∙ Explore ∙ Evolve

Energize! The Annual Meeting provides us with a smorgasbord of opportunities to energize ourselves and our careers by meeting new people, learning about trends in our profession, and trying out new roles in a committee, caucus, or SIS. We can also energize our profession by recruiting and mentoring new members, cultivating leaders, and involving all segments of our membership in programs, chapters, SISs, and our Association's leadership.

Explore! As we begin our second century of Annual Meetings, AALL members will have opportunities to explore a variety of programs, including a new 45-minute time slot. We especially seek programs that explore interactive delivery methods. In our libraries and our professional lives, we must constantly explore new information formats, new ways to reach our stakeholders, and new collaborative, interactive ways to communicate and deliver our message.

Evolve! It is no secret that the role of librarians and libraries is constantly evolving. Our jobs, our spaces, and our information sources seem to change almost daily. Our Annual Meeting programs, networking, and exhibits give us the tools we need to cope with these changes and evolve to the next level, whatever that may be. It will also be our goal in Portland to evolve our approach to programming by using technology to bring the content to those who cannot attend. AALL is evolving, too, by developing partnerships with other organizations and seeking to sustain our organization and ensure our future by nurturing new leadership.

Our host city, Portland, Oregon, is the ideal place for us to Energize, Explore, and Evolve. Portland is a national leader in energy conservation and environmentally-friendly approaches to transportation, so you can be energized by its clean air and refreshed by its backdrop of rivers, mountains, and trees. Portland's history is rich in exploration. Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery ended its westward journey nearby and was followed by pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Portland has already evolved beyond most cities in its development of sustainable systems and will provide the perfect environment for us to evolve as law librarians.

We will also have the opportunity in Portland to explore a new relationship between our Headquarters hotel and the convention center. Members will have a choice of whether to stay in the Headquarters hotel, which is in the heart of great shopping, dining, and attractions and is located a short, free light rail ride away from the convention center, or to stay in hotels that are close to the convention center, but lack the downtown ambiance and attractions. To help alleviate any inconvenience, most daytime meetings will be scheduled in the convention center, and most evening events will be in the Headquarters hotel. Hotel registration for Portland will open in New Orleans in July.

No doubt many of you have ideas for programs that will help us Energize, Explore, and Evolve in Portland. The Program Planner's Handbook provides the resources you will need to turn those ideas into program proposals for submission to our Annual Meeting Program Committee by the August 15 deadline. Included in the handbook are suggestions for creative formats, pointers for identifying appropriate and compelling speakers, and tips for writing well-developed proposals. All program and workshop proposals will be submitted online through the 2008 Program and Workshop Collection site, where you can develop your proposals in your own virtual workspace, save your work as you go, and even share it with colleagues.

Please join us in Portland as we Energize, Explore, and Evolve as individuals and as an Association!

Ann T. Fessenden
AALL Vice-President/President Elect

Diana C. Jaque
Chair, 2008 Annual Meeting Program Committee


Ann T. Fessenden
AALL Vice-President/President-Elect