ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 5/14/1996

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May 14, 1996


Jeanine Schaefer, my Administrative Assistant, was married to Kevin Houlihan on Saturday, April 27th. Many of us on the staff joined Jeanine and her new husband in the celebration on Saturday evening. Jeanine is back from her honeymoon in the Bahamas.

Peter Beck, Director of Publications, and his wife, Joan Roe had their second daughter on Tuesday, May 14th!


The Series Advisory Committee will hold its first meeting in Chicago on June 24-25, 1996. The Committee is composed of Thomson's appointees, Bob Willard, Lawyer's Cooperative, Charlie Finger, Lawyer's Cooperative, and Louise Rosen-Garcia, Bancroft Whitney; AALL is represented by Roy Mersky, Kay Todd and Marcia Koslov. Pat Kehoe, Frank Houdek, Judy Meadows, Martha Brown and I will also participate in this first meeting.

The ambitious agenda includes: creating a vision for the Series of programs that will be offered during the next three years; determining the educational objectives for each of the proposed programs in the Series; determining specific topics that might be covered; identifying specific target audiences including creators and publishers of legal information; determining the implementation schedule and geographic locations for each of the programs; identifying qualified individuals to serve on design teams for programs and to participate as speakers and other resources; and planning for on-going and summative evaluation of the Series.

We have contracted with Maureen Sullivan, Association of Research Libraries, to serve as meeting facilitator.


Frank Houdek has invited the following members and Chapter representatives, Karen Schuh, Chair Council of Chapter Presidents, Carol Avery Nicholson, AALL Board, Sally Holterhoff, President Chicago Association of Law Librarians, and incoming Chair Council of Chapter Presidents, and Hal Brown, President Southern California Association of Law Librarians, to meet with him, Martha Brown and me in Chicago on June 26-27, 1996. Although we have just begun outlining the specific objectives and agenda for the meeting, the Group will be asked to advise the AALL Board on appropriate means for addressing our strategic plan. The plan calls for "strengthening relationships between AALL and its Chapters". Recognizing that this important strategic initiative has not been addressed yet, at the March 1996 meeting the AALL Board authorized funding for this work to begin as soon as possible.

I have contracted with Pat Mautino, Oswego City., NY, a librarian and consultant with expertise in Chapter Relations. Pat worked with the ALA Chapter Relations Committee for several years during which time they participated in creating a strategic plan for the ALA Chapter Relations program. She will meet with the Ad Hoc Advisory Group in June and facilitate the meeting, assist in creating a vision for the future of AALL Chapter Relations, and provide background information about the Chapter Relations experiences of other associations. The AALL Board will receive a report on this meeting at the July Board meeting.


We have contacted the Special Libraries Association, SLA, and they have agreed to provide copies of their publications on consignment to AALL for sale in the AALL Store. The National Association of Law Placement, NALP, has also expressed an interest in a similar joint effort. These new partnerships will build on our current success working with ALA and should provide members with a variety of titles of interest to law librarians. Steve Ligda, Director of Finance & Administration is negotiating details with all three organizations. Martha Brown will select titles from both SLA and NALP.


In an effort to provide new Board members with opportunities to learn about the responsibilities of the AALL Board and their own individual duties on the Board, Frank Houdek will hold a July orientation session for new Board members, Judy Meadows, Susan Siebers, Kate Martin and Nancy Johnson.

This Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, July 18:

12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch for new Board members only, Frank Houdek's Suite
1:00 - 2:30 pm. Board Basics for new Board members only - Frank Houdek (Only new Board members should plan to attend)
2:30 - 3:30 pm Board Orientation Cont'd with Current and New Board Members. Topics: Chapter Relations and Chapter Visits, Board Liaisons, Association Issues
3:30 - 5:00 pm Board Meeting - Current and New Board Members

Understanding that the current and continuing Board members are already familiar with the basic policies and procedures governing the Board's work, and in order to make the best use of the Board's limited time, Frank will review the appropriate policies and procedures with the new members. He will cover the following nuts & bolts topics: the Board Manual, communication among Board members and with staff, Board agenda & minutes, the strategic plan, and financial policies. The Board Orientation will continue at 2:30 pm with all current and new Board members participating in a discussion of Chapter Relations, Board Liaisons responsibilities, and Association Issues, especially those that may be of concern during the Indianapolis Annual Meeting.

Frank has also agreed to hold an annual retreat for the Board prior to the Fall meeting. This year the retreat is scheduled for Thursday, October 31, 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm, and Friday, November 1, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Frank has asked me to locate an attractive location and setting for the meeting, similar to the CCH facilities that were so well received by Board members last year.

I have contacted Muriel Carver, Carver Governance Design, to serve as the consultant for the Board's retreat. We are now on her calendar. The 1996 Board Leadership Retreat will be on leadership development and exploring roles and responsibilities of governing boards. Judy Meadows, Anne Grande and I attended a two-day seminar in Atlanta on April 19-20 conducted by John Carver, author of "Boards That Make A Difference" Jossey-Bass Publishers 1990, $27.95. If you have not read this book, I recommend it. After attending the seminar we recommended that Frank use the Board Retreat as an opportunity for the AALL Board to learn about the Carver Governance model and consider its implications for AALL.


Please remember to hold your Saturday evening to attend a dinner with AALL's major corporate donors. As you know AALL has raised $225,000 in contributions again this year. This dinner is an opportunity to thank the donors for their support and interest in the Association. Martha Brown will locate an appropriate location for this event that includes the current and new Board.


Have you logged on to AALLNET recently? Jason Hinkle, AALL Webmaster, has made significant enhancements to our website. He has redesigned the homepage and uploaded many new files in an attractive new format with hotlinks to other sites and to e-mail addresses.

As you know AALLNET is the site for the Task Force on the Value of Law Libraries Electronic Roundtable that is being held throughout the month of May.

Mark Folmsbee and Frank Houdek were at AALL on Thursday, May 16th to continue working with Jason and me on AALLNET policies and procedures. We discussed and clarified roles and responsibilities of Mark and our own staff. We spent a considerable amount of time clarifying the duties of the Webmaster (Jason), Information Manager and Technical Advisor (Mark), and the AALLNET Ad Hoc Working Group that was appointed last Fall.

The AALLNET Ad Hoc Working Group held a conference call on May 16th,while Mark and Frank were available at AALL headquarters. The Group is preparing their final report and recommendations that are due to the Board at the July Meeting.