ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 9/20/1996

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September 20, 1996

This month and October are unusually filled with committee and other meetings here in Chicago and elsewhere. These events are in addition to the more routine tasks that need to be completed during this two month period. For example Jeanine Houlihan has just completed the 1996-1997 Committee Rosters for the Directory and the Board Handbook. You should have received your copies by now.

Exhibitor Roundtable Meeting Held in Chicago

Martha Brown, Director of Programs, convened an Exhibitor Roundtable on September 16th. The agenda included 1) a review and discussion of current Exhibit Hall policies; 2) planning and recommendations for the 1997 Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall; and 3) the desirability and structure of an on-going Exhibitor Roundtable to advise Association staff and consultants about Exhibits. Martha took the initiative to invite these Representatives to seek their comments about their Indianapolis experience and how AALL might continue to improve the Annual Meeting for these important Exhibitors. They covered a wide variety of topics such as: scheduling exhibit hours, addressing exhibitor concerns, offering product demonstrations, attracting members to the exhibit hall, and conducting special events in the Exhibit Hall.

Representatives from Adjustable Shelving, Alert Publications, BNA, CCH, Inc., and Matthew Bender participated. Debra Martin, AALL Meeting Coordinator, and Karen Campbell, Horizon Exhibits Manager also attended.

Martha reports that the attendees contributed many helpful suggestions and ideas that she will summarize and discuss with Frank Houdek and me for possible implementation in Baltimore. I have asked Martha to report more fully on this at the November Board Meeting.

Exhibits Contract Review

In accordance with our established plan for periodically reviewing all outside consulting relationships, the consulting arrangements for the Annual Meeting are now under review. The last review was in 1991. Martha is chairing a staff committee composed of Steve Ligda, Debbie Martin and myself. We are reviewing the long-term planning and exhibits management contract that AALL has with Horizon. Martha developed a Request for Proposal which was distributed to five firms, including Horizon Conference Corporation. The deadline for receipt of bids was September 15th. The bids are now being reviewed by the staff committee and prospective firms will be interviewed in early October. A new agreement and contract will be in place soon thereafter.

Judy Meadows' President-Elect Orientation Held in Chicago on September 18th

It has been the custom for the past few years to invite the President-Elect to visit headquarters, meet with the Executive Staff, and begin to plan for the next two years in a leadership role within AALL. During her visit on Wednesday the 18th Judy discussed with me her thoughts about the strategic planning process and calendar, and Board leadership development. Revising and updating the 1994-1998 Strategic Plan will need to completed during her term on the Board. Board members can expect that this issue will be discussed during the Fall Board Retreat and Meeting.

Judy also reviewed the committee appointments process and schedule with Jeanine Houlihan, who provides the primary administrative support for this time-consuming process; Judy met with Martha to discuss Annual Meeting: selecting a theme, and planning receptions and special events; she met with Peter Beck to plan her columns and Presidential Briefings in AALL Spectrum; she met with Steve Serpas to discuss press releases and media relations; and she met with Steve Ligda to review the status of AALL's finances and recent experiences with fundraising.

PLL Executive Committee will engage in Strategic Planning On November 9-11

Under the leadership of Mary Forman and Mike Saint-Onge, the PLL Executive Committee will meet with consultant JoAn Segal, Frank Houdek, Tory Trotta, Chair, AALL Strategic Planning Committee, and me in Dallas, Texas. This will be the first time PLL has met for this purpose and it should result in a well conceived plan for the SIS in the future. Frank, Tory and I will work with the PLL to integrate their efforts into the AALL strategic planning process. Board members are urged to send their comments and suggestions to Frank or Tory.

AALL and Medical Library Association host first meeting of the U.S. IFLA Organizing Committee on September 23-24

The first meeting of the Committee that will plan the IFLA Conference for Boston 2001 will be attended by 9 representatives of the sponsoring associations: AALL, ARL, SLA, MLA, ALA. Larry Wenger , who also serves as IALL President, will participate on the Organizing Committee as AALL's official Member Representative. Larry was appointed by Pat Kehoe last year.

Carla Funk, MLA Executive Director and I will Co-Chair this first meeting that will begin to address the following issues: roles and responsibilities of the cosponsoring organizations; roles and responsibilities of the steering committee; appointment of the following subcommittees: contracts, finances and accounting, fundraising, exhibits, themes and programs, and employment of a part-time, freelance meeting planner.

The IFLA conferences are similar in size to the AALL Annual Meeting. For example, in Beijing 3000 registrants participated in committee meetings, attended programs, and visited exhibits. The attendance in Beijing was somewhat larger than the usual 2000 registrants because of the site and the large number of Chinese who participated.