ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 9/26/1997

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September 26, 1997

Exhibit Hall Survey Mailed to AALL Baltimore Registrants

  • In addition, the survey provides an opportunity for comment on other facets of the Annual Meeting that will provide useful information to assist the Professional Development Committee.

Professional Development Committee Sub-committee on Certification

  • A PDC Sub-committee on Certification met at The Lodge in Oak Brook, Illinois on Saturday, September 13th to review the first draft of a survey instrument which will be sent to a random sample of approximately 1000 AALL members and non-members later this Fall. The purposes of the survey are:
    1. to determine member attitudes towards certification and
    2. to determine the basic competencies (knowledge and skills) of law librarians as perceived by survey respondents.
  • The Sub-Committee has been working with Caryl Cox, Ph.D. and Jack McKillip of the Center for Certification in Carbondale, Illinois. They have had substantial experience assisting groups like AALL consider certification and competency issues. After the survey responses have been analyzed, Caryl Cox will advise the PDC on levels of interest among AALL members in certification, and advise on whether or not the profession of law librarianship is appropriate for certification. It is expected that this survey will also enable the Association and the Executive Board to deal effectively with this issue of long-standing concern and interest to AALL members.
  • Sub-committee members are Kay Todd, Chair, Penny Hazelton, and Dick Danner. President Judy Meadows, Executive Board Liaison. Executive Director, Roger Parent, Director of Programs, Martha Brown, and Educational Program Coordinator, Lara Koban also participated in the meeting. Funding for the meeting and the survey were authorized by Judy Meadows from the President's Discretionary Fund.

1998 Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee  

  • One hundred twenty-one program proposals and sixteen workshop proposals for the Anaheim Annual Meeting were received by the August 18th deadline. As is customary prior to their meeting in Chicago on September 5th & 6th, the Committee received and reviewed all the proposals, ranked them and made comments to be discussed at their meeting. The rankings were then tabulated, comments keyed-in and a summary of the rankings and comments returned to the Committee on September 3rd. The Committee, Chaired by Michael Saint-Onge, selected sixty-seven programs and five workshops which will be offered at the 1998 Anaheim Annual Meeting.
  • Committee members are: Joyce Janto, Terry Long, Tom Fleming, Mark Estes, and Michelle Finerty. Tim Coggins, Chair of the 1999 Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee also attend along with Director of Programs Martha Brown and Lara Koban, Educational Program Coordinator. Program Assistant, Maggie Kearney compiled all the information.
  • The Professional Development Committee asked Martha Brown to contact and invite LEXIS-NEXIS to offer their highly regarded TRIPLL program as an Institute prior to the Annual Meeting, and also to invite the West Group to offer its Information Innovators Conference at the same time. LEXIS-NEXIS has responded positively although its final decision is still pending approval from LEXIS-NEXIS executives. The West Group staff has expressed an interest, however internal staff changes have delayed a final decision. Staff at both companies is well aware of AALL deadlines for announcing the 1998 program offerings.

West Group Meeting at AALL on Tuesday, September 16th

  • Three staff representatives from West Group, Director of Association Relations Becky Fillinger, Librarian Lori Hedstrom and Coordinator of Association Relations Rob Hafiz, met with President Judy Meadows, Vice President Jim Heller, Executive Director Roger Parent and Director of Programs Martha Brown to discuss ways that West Group and AALL might partner to expand AALL's continuing education offerings.
  • The existing three-year grant from West Group for a Professional Education Series will partially underwrite the cost of a planned Spring 1998 AALL satellite teleconference on the impact of technological change in the work-place. West Group offered to support this AALL teleconference and other AALL programs by providing speakers from the newly established Thomson University. West Group will also assist the Association market the teleconference to AALL members and non-members. If it is successful, two others might follow the satellite teleconference as part of the Professional Education Series supported by West Group.
  • Other areas for future collaboration include the possibility of West Group funding and participating in a hands-on Technology Center in the Exhibit Hall in 1998. This Center might offer West Group and other publishers and exhibitors an opportunity to demonstrate the latest in interactive desktop technology while at the same time boosting traffic and activity in the Exhibit Hall. West Group submitted two program proposals to the 1998 Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee, through the normal process, and both were accepted. They were delighted!
  • West Group remains interested in hosting a special meeting of CRIV in Minnesota this Fall. AALL staff and CRIV members are exploring dates for this special visit to West Group headquarters. This visit would follow a similar visit to CCH scheduled for September 23-24, 1997.
  • AALL informed West Group that the Association remains enthusiastic about the annual West Group party on Monday evenings during the Annual Meeting. The annual event is of considerable interest to our members and enhances considerably the Meeting. Furthermore we indicated that the party in Anaheim would be particularly appealing to our members because of the relative distances between the convention facilities and other forms of entertainment. West Group is considering continuance of the party and will inform AAL of its decision soon.