ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 1/30/1998

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January 30, 1998

Anaheim Annual Meeting

Thanks to Hall Erickson's and Martha Brown's timely preparation and distribution of the Exhibitor Prospectus for the Anaheim meeting, exhibitor registrations are significantly ahead of last year at this time. Thus far, as of January 28th, 107 exhibitors have registered. Of these, four new exhibitors will attend the Anaheim meeting: MarketSpan Inc., Lawgic Publishing, Patent & Trademark Depository Library, and Congressional Quarterly.

As in 1997 West Group and LEXIS NEXIS have reserved the same number of sixteen booths each.

President Judy Meadows has completed the selection of three major keynote speakers and all have agreed to participate. They include:

  • John Perry Barlow, Co-founder, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an expert on the global network of cyberspace, and contributor to Wired magazine and others.
  • Tom Davenport, the Curtis Mathes Fellowship professor and Director of the Information Management Program at the U. of Texas, Austin. He is an expert on information and knowledge management.
  • G. Burgess Allison, the author of the Lawyer's Guide to the Internet, the ABA's best selling book in 1996. He writes a technology column for the ABA Law Practice Management's Section magazine

Spring Executive Board Meeting

President Judy Meadows has invited the Executive Board of the Medical Library Association to join our Executive Board for dinner on Friday evening February 27th at my home. This will be the first time that the two groups meet for an informal gathering. MLA Executive Director, Carla Funk, and I prompted the invitation when we met recently at the New Orleans American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. We noted that both Boards would be in Chicago on the same evening and that it would provide an interesting evening for both groups to gather together. The dinner will also honor new ALA Executive Director William Gordon who assumes his new job the following Monday, March 2nd. Details for the evening will be discussed at the first session of the Board meeting.

President-elect Jim Heller and Tim Coggins have asked staff to coordinate a dinner on Saturday evening, February 28th, with the Executive Board members, who are staying overnight on Saturday, and the 1999 Washington DC Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee, and Steering Committee. These two groups will meet after the Board meeting to begin planning for the 1999 Annual Meeting.

The deadline for Executive Board agenda items is February 6th. Please watch for copies of documents from committees to which you serve as Board Liaison. If you are expecting a report from one of your groups, you might give them a call and discuss it with them in advance of the Executive Board meeting.

Credentialling Report

The Professional Development Subcommittee on Credentialling, Kay Todd Chair, Penny Hazleton, & Dick Danner met in Chicago on Monday January 26th with Judy Meadows, Martha Brown, Lara Koban, Roger Parent and two consultants from the Center for the Study of Certification in Carbondale Illinois. The Center conducted the random sample of 1000 AALL members on Credentialling last fall. As is customary with AALL surveys, members responded in large numbers. 46% completed and returned the survey to the Center. The survey queried members regarding their attitudes and views on the issue of credentialling, and it also gathered significant information about the basic competencies of law librarians. The information on competencies will be particularly valuable to program planners for both the Annual Meeting and regional offerings.

Subcommittee Chair Kay Todd is preparing a summary of the findings of the survey and the recommendations that will be presented to the PDC at their February 5-8 meeting. The report and recommendations from the PDC will be shared with the Executive Board at their February 27-28 meeting.

AALL LEXIS NEXIS Resource Guide # 1 Hot Off The Press

Editor Mike Saint Onge and communications consultant Julie Well have completed the first in the series of eight resource guides. How to Hire a Law Librarian. The next issue of AALL Spectrum will carry a full page ad and flyers will be widely distributed to all PLL SIS members and attendees at the forthcoming meeting of the Association of Legal Administrators, a primary audience for the series.

The second title in the series Law Firm Library Space Planning is already well underway and will be available shortly.

1998 Symposium of Law Librarians and Publishers Scheduled for April 2-3, 1998

President Judy Meadows has extended the invitation to 18 law librarians and 15 representatives of legal publishers to attend the Symposium that will be held at The Lodge, Chicago. The Symposium will continue Judy's yearlong effort to build and maintain good communications between law librarians and legal publishers. In particular the Symposium will address issues relating to the changes resulting from the migration from print to electronic formats and the impact this is having on the relationships between law librarians and end users, attorneys and others. Students of this topic have used the word "disintermediation" to describe the increasing use of digitized information directly by the end user without benefit of an intermediary, a role traditionally filled by the librarian. This can lead to flawed research by the end user.

Judy will report more fully on her plans for this important event at the February Executive Board Meeting. The Committee planning the Symposium has included Judy Meadows, Ken Halajian, Matthew Bender, Kay Todd, Marc Estes, Martha Brown and Roger Parent.

1997 Salary Survey

Since the publication of the 1997 Salary Survey in December 1997 more than 200 copies have been sold. Once again in 1997 library directors responded in large numbers to the survey. 55% of the 1384 law librarians completed the survey. In addition to the detailed salary data that appears in the publication, AALL has once again contracted with an outside researcher to analyze the "non-salary" data that can be gleaned from the results.

This additional analysis will be completed by mid-February and will provide benchmark and trend information on many useful topics of great interest to AALL and its members, such as:

  • the ratio of law librarians to attorneys in firms,
  • the ratio of law librarians to faculty and students in law schools,
  • expenditures for hard copy and electronic information in all three types of law libraries,
  • average number of law librarians and other library employees in all three types of libraries,
  • average number of years of experience in current positions.