ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 7/12/1999

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July 12, 1999


Since the February Executive Board meeting I have hired Julie Duffy, AALL's first Marketing Manager, a position created by restructuring an existing vacancy.

Julie and our staff have been given three marketing priorities:

  • develop AALL membership by retaining current members and attracting new members;
  • increase attendance at the Annual Meeting by promoting the event throughout the year and by attracting more non-law librarians in addition to our members;
  • and promote the Association's professional development program and individual workshops.

In addition to these three priorities, Julie will improve the marketing of mail list rental, a significant source of revenue, and promote subscriptions to AALL Spectrum.

On May 18th the staff attended an all-day retreat on marketing techniques conducted by consultant Julie Well. We focussed on the three marketing priorities and generated many excellent and practical ideas. Some are now being implemented. Many of the ideas are really quite simple and straightforward and they can be implemented by using our current resources more effectively and by building a stronger marketing emphasis in everything that we do. For example:

For the first time we promoted extensively the Washington DC Annual Meeting to non-AALL members particularly Chapters in the northeast. The Chapters were very supportive and cooperative. Flyers were mailed to more than 2000 non-AALL members; these included Chapter, SLA and ALA members. Non-members were offered a $50 discount on the registration fee. Only 14 non-members responded to this flyer however two did join AALL.

We will continue to market the Annual Meeting throughout the year by using the theme and logo on more of our promotional pieces throughout the year, including the Directory and Handbook and AALLNET.

We will begin listing new members in Spectrum to increase the sense of belonging to a community of law librarians among all members. This was one of consultant Helen Little's many recommendations. Her report is being used as the guide in developing the membership marketing plan.

We are producing more promotional flyers and brochures, some of these are being given to all Washington DC registrants. For example Julie prepared flyers promoting the use of the AALL Store at the Annual Meeting, the 1999 Salary Survey, the Professional Development Program, and the PLL SIS Resource Guides.


The 1999 Biennial Salary Survey, which the Executive Board approved in February 1999, is in process. Questionnaires were mailed to 1204 library directors (780 private firms and corporations, 187 academic law libraries, and 37 state, court, and county law libraries) on June 11th. The response deadline is July 16th.

The 1999 Biennial Salary Survey once again is being conducted in collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in Washington, D.C. Julia Blixrud, Senior Program Officer, ARL, serves as research specialist and coordinates the survey and the publication of results.

By working closely with ARL and a new firm that will prepare the tabulations, we have reduced expenses by approximately $10,000. Reductions are expected in ARL fees, compilation and printing costs. At the recommendation of ARL, we are considering making available to members both an electronic copy of the results and a printed copy. In February we had planned to produce only an electronic copy. ARL advises that sales of their print copies are unaffected by posting their results on their website. They suggest that libraries will want print copies while individual members will want access only to the electronic copy. We believe that both options can be accommodated within the budget of $35,000 approved by the Executive Board.


AALL Education Manager Mary Jawgiel is reporting noteworthy progress in implementing the AALL's regional education program. "More Programs, More Places, More Times, and More Opportunities" is the new theme, created by PDC Chair Mary Hotchkiss, for the program. Mary Jawgiel is distributing a new promotional flyer to all Annual Meeting Washington DC registrants. This flyer promotes the overall regional education program and encourages members, Chapters and others to join with AALL in serving law librarians and others by sponsoring these regional workshops in their locale. Topics offered include: copyright, space planning for both academic and firm libraries, managing the solo library, basic legal research, managing multi-location libraries, and training the internet trainer.

Mary Jawgiel reports that AALL has offered nine educational opportunities and reached 1546 attendees (1238 attended the April teleconference at 49 sites) since last October. These nine programs were offered outside the Annual Meeting and reached 729 non-AALL members. All of the regional workshops attracted a sufficient number of registrants to fully cover their direct costs. One workshop on space planning for firm libraries in Atlanta was cancelled.

The 2000 teleconference sponsored in partnership with West Group will be held on April 13, 2000. The PDC will confirm the topic at their meeting in Washington DC.

AALL is also planning two international programs, the Joint Study Institute with BIALL and CALL in 2000 and the IFLA 2001 Conference in Boston.