ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 10/27/1999

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October 27, 1999


Since September the Marketing Manager position at AALL has been vacant. Rather than recruiting to fill the vacancy immediately with a full time employee, the staff and I have interviewed a few highly experienced independent contractors who might provide marketing and promotion expertise and assistance to the Association. We have discussed with each of them our three marketing and promotion priorities:

  • develop AALL membership by retaining current members and attracting new members;
  • increase attendance at the Annual Meeting by promoting the event throughout the year and by attracting more non-law librarians in addition to our members;
  • and promote the Association’s professional development program and individual workshops.

In addition to these three priorities, we remain committed to marketing mail list rental, a significant source of revenue, and promoting subscriptions to AALL Spectrum.

We are currently negotiating agreements with two independent contractors. One of whom will promote the Annual Meeting & Conference, and the Professional Development Program. The other will promote membership in AALL. If we are successful both contractors should begin working in November. None of the consultants we met had the time available to take on all three priority areas.

We have chosen to use independent contractors, instead of filling our staff vacancy immediately, in order to acquire as quickly as possible the high level of experience and expertise that we need right away. We believe that it would have taken too long to recruit, hire, and train a new employee before we could begin promoting the Annual Meeting and Membership.

Once we have these three important projects underway, we will review the Marketing Manager job description and decide how to proceed in the future to provide AALL with the best marketing and promotion talent possible.


The 1999 Biennial Salary Survey will be finished on Friday, October 29th. This is three weeks later than originally scheduled for completion. Our primary consultant at ARL was hospitalized this summer and thus she experienced unavoidable delays in working on our project.

The survey was mailed to the following law library directors: Private/Corporate 780, State, Court and County 237, and Academic 187. Responses were received by July 30th , an extended deadline, from 48% of the survey recipients. This compares to a 55% response in 1997.

To date we have 67 orders for the paper copy and we have received a few inquiries about its availability. As soon as the results are available, Jason Hinkle our Webmaster will make the results available on AALLNET even though the Members Only Section, MOS, will not be ready yet. Once the MOS has been created and is fully operational, in March 2000, the Salary Survey results will be moved to the MOS.

The 1999 Biennial Salary Survey was once again conducted in collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in Washington, D.C. Julia Blixrud, Senior Program Officer, ARL, served as research specialist and coordinated the survey and the publication of results.


AALL Webmaster Jason Hinkle was interviewed by the editor of the iMIS Newsletter and featured in a recent issue. A copy of the article that provides a good background on the Association’s membership database is attached to this report.


The staff and Jason Hinkle are developing an improved section of AALLNET on the headquarters staff. This new section is intended to personalize "headquarters" following the example set by the Members Briefing on headquarters last fall. More importantly this section will improve access by members to the staff by making it clearer who is responsible for each service or function. We are developing brief "job descriptions" that will be added below each photo. A copy of this section - under development - is attached to this report.


In response to a developing trend among other employers, and to some interest on staff, we will conduct a six-month experiment and offer a telecommuting option on a trial basis to selected staff who have an interest in this and who qualify for participation. The staff worked closely with me to develop guidelines that would be fair to the staff, that could be applied consistently and that would ensure that members would continue to receive a consistent and high level of support and service.

These headquarters guidelines were based on samples from CCH Inc., which kindly shared their working documents and telecommuting policies with us.

This six-month trial was discussed with President Margie Axtmann before approval. The telecommuting guidelines are attached to this report.


AALL Education Manager Mary Jawgiel reports on a successful fall meeting, October 21-23, of the Professional Development Committee and growing interest in AALL’s regional education program, "More Programs, More Places, More Times, and More Opportunities". Two programs were held in Chicago in October, Basic Legal Research was presented as a pre-conference to the Illinois Library Association’s Annual Conference on October 6th, and Copyright in the Age of Technology on October 28th.

Other topics include: space planning, managing the solo library, managing multi-location libraries, and training the internet trainer.

The 2000 teleconference, Collection Rebalancing, AALL’s third teleconference, sponsored in partnership with West Group will be held on April 13, 2000, 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

AALL is also planning two international programs, the second Joint Study Institute cosponsored with BIALL and CALL will be held at Yale Law School in New Haven, Ct. on July 11-14, 2000. The IFLA 2001 Conference, Libraries and Librarians: Making a Difference in the Information Age, will be held in Boston August 16-25, 2001. A copy of the IFLA Boston 2001 Fact Sheet is available on AALLNET.