ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 3/6/2001

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March 6, 2001

Membership Report - February 28, 2001
End of 2nd Quarter AALL Membership Year

TO: AALL Executive Board & Membership and Retention Committee
DATE: March 5, 2001

Schedule 1: Members by Members Type

At the end of February 28, 2001 the AALL membership totaled 5031 members. This includes dues paying members, honorary (3) and life (80) members. This compares to the 4772 members last year on February 28, 2000, - a 5% improvement - and 4654 members in 1999.

The AALL membership database includes 217 VIP or complimentary memberships. These individuals represent a diverse group of library school deans, donors, and publishers who receive AALL publications and announcements. They are NOT included in the above count of members.

Since June 1, 2000, the beginning of the AALL membership year, 518 new members have joined AALL, this compares to the lower number of 323 new members who joined last year at this time. Institutions paid 86% of these new memberships. 50 students have joined AALL since June 1, 2000 compared to 64 students last year.

As of February 28, 2001, 178 new members have joined AALL by taking advantage of the 1st year free offer.

14.6%, 93 of the 636 members who had dropped their memberships as of September 30, 2000 have now been reinstated. The Membership and Retention Committee contacted by telephone a sampling of dropped members to learn more about their reasons and to help us plan future membership retention efforts.

Schedule 2: Members by Employer Types

There are seventeen Employer Types in the AALL membership database. The list of Employer Types reveals the diversity of Employer Types and allows staff to track memberships in all areas. In particular among vendors and publishers of which there were 63 members - 1% of the AALL membership - at the end of February.

Schedule 3: Institutions/Employers by Type

At the end of February 28, 2001 the AALL membership database included 2123 separate institutions/employers. This compares to 2088 in 2000, and 2276 in 1999

Schedule 4: SIS Memberships

At the end of February 28, 2001 SIS memberships totaled 6590, this compares to 6406 in 2000 and 6306 in 1999.


SIS Council Chair
Chapter Council Chair
AALL Staff
Mary Alice Baish
Mary McNulty, Membership Marketing Consultant