ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 3/8/2001

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March 8, 2001

AALL Membership

In my separate report on membership through February 28, 2001, (Executive Board March Meeting Tab 25), I reported on the improvement in AALL membership this membership year which ends on May 31st. On February 28th AALL membership reached 5031 members an improvement over the past several years.

This can be attributed somewhat to the success of the "First-year Free" campaign. Staff mailed 971 coupons to library directors who renewed the memberships for themselves and their staffs by July 1st. 178 coupons were redeemed. This spring and summer our staff will track renewals to assess how many of these 178 "First-year Free" members will renew for a second year.

During November the AALL Membership & Retention Committee assisted staff by telephoning 74 of the 583 lapsed members (this number doesn't include the 53 students who didn't renew). The report on the Telephone Call Campaign is attached. As of February 28th, 93 of the 583 lapsed members have renewed.

On April 1st, 2001 AALL will begin the annual membership renewals. Again this year we plan to repeat the "free introduction to AALL" for new members. We plan to broaden the number of members who receive the coupon to include individual members who renew by July 1st as well as library directors. Our marketing consultant believes this is an excellent approach to involve our own members in promoting AALL memberships to their friends and colleagues.

Dues Renewal Schedule for 2001:

April 1:
Heads-up mailing to all members informing them that dues invoices will be mailed on April 15th. This mailing includes a letter from Vice-president Barbara Bintliff, and a flyer soliciting contributions to scholarships and other AALL endowments.

April 15:
Dues invoices are mailed to library directors and individual members.

May 31:
End of the 2000 - 2001 membership year.

July 1:
Reminder notices are mailed to all members. Library directors are mailed a second dues invoice. End of the free coupon offer.

August 15:
All unpaid members are faxed an expiration notice.

September 8:
All unpaid members are mailed their last issue of AALL Spectrum and records are deleted from the active AALLNET online directory.

October 1
Membership & Retention Committee will call a selected group of lapsed members.

Minneapolis Annual Meeting Sponsorships

Once again in 2001 AALL corporate sponsors have been generous in contributing to AALL events and those sponsored by entities like committees and SISs. Exhibitors have responded well to the introduction of the four levels of recognition: gold medal ($75,001 or more), silver ($25,001 - $75,000), bronze ($5001 - $25,000) and contributor.

We are especially thankful to BNA, LEXIS NEXIS, and West Group for their Gold Medal status and to CCH for their Silver Medal status. The list of all contributors will be included in the annual Awards & Acknowledgement Brochure distributed to all registrants, and on signage in the exhibit hall.

Editorial Director AALL Spectrum

The search for an AALL member to serve as Editorial Director for AALL Spectrum is underway. April 16 is the deadline for applications. A ad-hoc committee of members of the LLJ AALL Spectrum Editorial Board and Advisory Committee, Merle Slyhoff, Frank Houdek, chair Rosalie Anderson and Board Liaison Sally Holterhoff attended a Chicago meeting with staff Roger Parent and Maya Norris to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the new Editorial Director and the staff Managing Director, and to prepare the recruitment plan. Committee member Peter Schanck was not able to attend but he will join this ad-hoc committee when they meet on May 7th to select a candidate.
This volunteer position, supplemented with an honorarium, allows an AALL member to influence the tone and substance of the AALL Spectrum, the association's official magazine. The editorial director will determine the Spectrum's editorial content, including generating story ideas, soliciting potential authors and collaborating with authors to develop their articles. He or she will also serve as an ex-officio member of the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum Editorial Board and Advisory Committee to help guide the magazine's long-term editorial vision and direction. A complete job description and a fact sheet about the AALL Spectrum are available on AALLNET.

The appointment will be announced in July at the AALL Annual Meeting. The new editorial director would then begin working on the September issue of the AALL Spectrum.

2001 Salary Survey

Maya Norris Director of Publications and I have met with three research firms used by ALA ACRL and SLA and solicited proposals for the next edition of the salary survey that will be published this year.
In the past AALL has sub-contracted production of the salary survey and the tabulation and analysis of results to two separate independent contractors. ARL has overseen the surveys since 1995; they have responded to member inquiries, reviewed and approved all tables. The actual tabulation and analysis of responses has been contracted to different research firms over the years.
Although we may indeed use this same approach again in 2001, staff is soliciting alternative proposals to be sure that our past approach is the most efficient one, and that our costs for producing the salary survey compare favorably with options provided by other research firms.
By April 1st staff will make a decision on the approach that we will use this year. In any event we intend to expedite production considerably. We plan to mail the survey to library directors no later than April 25th, request responses no later than May 31st, and publish the results before the Annual Meeting. The salary data will be based on salaries on June 1st instead of July 1st as in the past. This approach should provide our members with up-to-date salary information well in advance of the fall when they customarily request that information to prepare their library budgets. In 1999 the salary data was not available until October disappointing many members. The supplementary findings were not available until June 2000.
We plan to make the results available in both print - for libraries that wish to purchase a copy - and electronically on AALLNET Members Only Section.

Encyclopedia of Library & Information Science

Miriam Drake, Dean and Director of Libraries is serving as Editor of the long overdue second edition of the Encyclopedia of Library & Information Science to be published in print and online by Marcel Dekker in 2001. This will update the first edition published in 1968 and is intended as an up-to-date authoritative source for people interested in knowledge management, information technology, library and information science. The electronic edition will be updated four times each year. Drake asked me to submit a recent history of AALL that would update the history that appeared in 1968. The attached article (Executive Board March 2000 Tab 19A) provides a report on AALL since 1993 when I joined the staff.

Law Library Journal on Hein Online

In December 2000 on behalf of AALL I signed a non-exclusive contract with William S. Hein for the inclusion of the Law Library Journal in Hein On Line. In July 2000 Dick Spinelli met with Journal Advisory Committee to describe the project and seek their support. On behalf of the Committee, Chair Rosalie Sanderson conveyed their endorsement after the Annual Meeting.
Hein On Line will create an electronic copy of the entire back file and load the Journal on their electronic database by the spring 2001. This database will enable keyword searching and thus will provide an index that has been sorely lacking to the Journal.
Hein Online has also agreed to provide direct access to the electronic file of the LLJ through AALLNET Members Only Section at no cost to AALL members.
Hein On Line will also pay AALL a 15% royalty from net revenues from users who subscribe to and access their database that will include many other law related journals.