ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 6/11/2001

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June 11, 2001

Membership Report - May 31, 2001
End of 4th Quarter AALL Membership Year

Schedule 1: Members by Members Type

At the end of May 31, 2001 the AALL membership totaled 5149 members. This includes dues paying members, honorary (3) and life (78) members. This is the highest number of members since we began keeping these records in 1993.

  2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993
AALL Memberships 5149 4945 4842 4823 5097 4960 5142 5042 4953

In the membership year that just closed on May 31st, 4892 members paid dues. 176 new members joined for the first time as a result of last year's "first year free" membership promotion to library directors. In addition to these free memberships, AALL does not collect dues from the 78 life members, and the 3 honorary members.


  • 176 new members joined as a result of the first-year-free promotion that was sent to all library directors who renewed their memberships in AALL prior to July 31st 2000. We are tracking these memberships and will report this fall on their rate of renewal.
  • In an effort to increase and diversify the membership even more, AALL has launched the Make the Connection program in 2001. Both library directors and individual members who pay their own dues before July 1 will each receive a Make the Connection coupon, redeemable for one free membership for anyone who has never been a member of AALL.
  • The number of student memberships - 193 in 2001 - compares to 216 in 2000 and thus remains stable.
  • The number of memberships paid by institutions has increased to 83% in 2001, from 63% in 2001, and 50% in 1998. However this increase is due to more accurate data entry during these past three years. All memberships paid by institutional checks rather than personal checks are coded as institutional memberships.
  • In 2001 there were 55 members employed by publishers or vendors, compared to 56 in 2000. There were 51 "other" members compared to 49 last year. This statistic is especially useful in tracking the growth in membership attributed to the recent "opening" of the membership.
  • Law firm and corporate librarian memberships have increased to 2046 memberships, from 1932 in 2000, and 1790 in 1999. This is the highest number of firm and corporate librarians since 1993 when there were 2048 firm and corporate librarians.

The AALL membership database includes 217 VIP or complimentary memberships, 204 in 2000. These individuals represent a diverse group of library school deans, donors, and publishers who receive AALL publications and announcements. They are NOT included in the above count of members.

Since June 1, 2000, the beginning of the AALL membership year, 598 new members, including 62 students, joined AALL. In the last membership year, 432 new members joined AALL.

Schedule 2: Members by Employer Types

There are seventeen Employer Types in our database; this is a greater number than the eight Employer Types reported before 2000. This list was created in consultation with Consultant Helen Little, by reviewing responses from members to her 1999 survey, and by carefully analyzing institutional records in our membership database.

The table below shows the number of members in each of the three types of libraries.

Memberships in each type of library (1) 2001 2000
Law Firm & Corporate 2046 1932
Law School 1673 1619
State, Court & County (2) 772 760

(1) Does not include life members who are “not currently affiliated” with a library
(2) Includes: Federal Court, Federal Government, State or Municipal Government, Private, and State or Municipal Court.

Schedule 3: Institutions/Employers by Type

On May 31st, 2001 there were 2148 separate institutions in our membership database, compared to 2146 last year. The table below shows that the memberships in each of three types of libraries also remained stable.

Libraries / Institutions 2001 2000
Law Firm & Corporate 1261 1260
Law School 235 233
State, Court & County 466 470

Schedule 4: SIS Memberships

At the end of May 31, 2001 SIS memberships totaled 6656. This number of memberships is the highest since 1993. According to analysis conducted in May 2001, the majority of AALL members, 3703, 72.7% maintain a membership in one or more SIS’s - compared to 3652, 73.9% in 2000.

  2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993
SIS Memberships 6656 6535 6491 6247 6424 6584 6142 5871 5807


SIS Council Chair
Chapter Council Chair
Membership & Retention Com.
AALL Staff
Mary Alice Baish
Mary McNulty, Membership Marketing Consultant