ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 8/31/2001

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August 31, 2001

Membership Report - August 31, 2001
End of 1st Quarter AALL Membership Year

TO: AALL Executive Board & Membership and Retention Committee
DATE: September 1, 2001

Schedule 1: Members by Members Type

At the end of August 2001 the AALL membership totaled 4390 paid members - slightly higher than on the same date in 2000 when AALL had 4362 paid members. This includes dues paying members, honorary (3) and life (78) members. There are no comparable figures for prior years – before August 2000 - because AALL did not issue 1st quarter reports using the current accurate method for tracking memberships on a monthly and quarterly basis.

It is important to remember that there remain outstanding membership invoices that have not yet been paid. As of September 10, 2001 87.8% of memberships have been paid, and 305 invoices are still outstanding. Keep in mind that many of these unpaid invoices represent more than one membership.

The current status of dues payments is better than last year at this time, when 83.2% of invoices had been paid, and 496 invoices were still unpaid. Unpaid members have now received their final issue of Spectrum magazine (September issue) and their final faxed cancellation notice.

The AALL membership database includes 222 VIP or complimentary memberships. These individuals represent a diverse group of all library school deans, donors, and publishers who receive AALL publications and announcements. They are NOT included in the above count of members.

Since June 1, 2001, the beginning of the AALL membership year, 242 new first-time members have joined AALL compared to 232 new members last year. 90% of these memberships were paid by checks drawn on institutions.

As of September 10, 2001, 109 new members have joined AALL by taking advantage of the 1st year free offer, called "Make the Connection" and 49% of the 176 new members who joined last year under a similar first-year free offer have renewed. This retention level exceeded our expectations!

Schedule 2: Members by Employer Types

There are seventeen Employer Types in the AALL membership database. The list of Employer Types reveals the diversity of Employer Types and allows staff to track memberships in all areas. In particular among vendors and publishers of which there were 38 members compared to 42 members last year. This is less than 1% of the AALL membership - at the end of August.

Schedule 3: Institutions/Employers by Type

At the end of August 2001 the AALL membership database included 1881 institutions compared to the 1894 separate institutions/employers in August 2000.

Schedule 4: SIS Memberships

At the end of August 2001 SIS memberships totaled 5794 compared to 5790 in 2000.

Report on Dues Invoicing and Membership Renewals

As of September 10, 2001, 87.8% of members, who were invoiced in mid-April, have renewed their memberships. AALL mailed 2508 invoices to individual members and to institutions that held one or more memberships; 305 of these invoices have not been paid.

In March 2001, as was done in prior years, staff mailed letters and promotional flyers encouraging renewal to all members, both Individual and Institutional. This was followed in mid-April by the actual dues invoice.

In early July, staff mailed second invoices and reminder notices to all Individual members and the heads of all institutions who had not remitted by July 1st.

On September 7th, 547 members had not renewed and the staff faxed a single page final notice to 491 of these unpaid members who had a valid fax number on record; this fax was sent to all individuals even those at institutions. This notice requested a response as to whether the member intended to renew for the current year. As of the September 10th, a total of 47 members responded to the fax notice. Of these responses, 4 indicated that they had located their dues invoice and would remit payment; 6 had recently renewed; 19 requested a replacement invoice; 13 replied that they would not rejoin; and 3 had moved without a forwarding e-mail address.

All of the members who did not renew have received a notification that their membership privileges will be suspended on September 15th. This notice was included in the September issue of AALL Spectrum. They will be denied access to the Members-Only-Section on AALLNET on September 15th.


SIS Council Chair
Chapter Council Chair
AALL Staff
Mary Alice Baish
Mary McNulty, Membership Marketing Consultant