ARCHIVED: Roger H. Parent's Informal Notes - 3/19/2002

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March 19, 2002

Fund Raising and Orlando Annual Meeting Sponsorships

In 2002 we are approaching our individual members for their contributions in a different way from prior years. In the past we mailed a solicitation flyer that was inserted in the "heads-up" mailing regarding dues that was sent to all members. Fund raising consultant Clyde Watkins & Associates advised us to separate solicitations for contributions from dues invoicing and membership renewals.

This year staff created and placed a full page "ad" in the April and May issues of AALL Spectrum. This ad includes the names of all individual contributors in 2001, and solicits contributions to scholarships, grants, research, and government affairs. Kim Rundle, who tracks individual contributions, reports that members contributed $7,329 through December 2001.The April and May issues also include a contribution form and a self-mailer envelope. Staff will issue at least two electronic Announcements to all members in April and May urging them to make a contribution in 2002.

This new approach is also in response to the Board's request for a "low key" fund raising effort in 2002, while the AALL is promoting a dues increase.

At President Bintliff's invitation, Marvin Anderson has agreed to serve as Campaign Chair to raise $100,000 for the George Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment. This campaign will be launched in Orlando July 2002. Marvin is now preparing a fund raising plan in consultation with Jay Frey of Clyde Watkins & Associates and the Executive Director.

Once again in 2002 AALL corporate sponsors have been generous in contributing to AALL events and those sponsored by entities like committees and SISs. Again in 2002 LexisNexis, West Group and BNA will retain gold medal status ($75,001 or more); CCH will retain silver medal status ($25,001 - $75,000). At the moment no other publishers are at the bronze level ($5001 - $25,000).

In addition to the extraordinary contribution to the George Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment, in Orlando West Group is supporting the PLL Luncheon, AALL Recognition Luncheon, the speaker Catherine Crier at the Association Luncheon, and receptions for ALL, PLL, and SCCLL.

In addition to generously hosting the Opening Reception, LexisNexis is supporting the Chapter Presidents and SIS Chairs Luncheon, Diversity Symposium, and other events for the Social Responsibilities Gay & Lesbian group, ALL SIS and PLL SIS. LexisNexis also contributed to Grants, and funded the publication of the Future of Law Libraries in the Digital Age Special Committee's final report to be issued later this year. LexisNexis endowment funds are supporting research grants as well as the John Johnson Memorial scholarships in 2002.

The Scholarship Committee will have a total of $38,000 to award in 2002, compared to $36,000 last year. The Grants Committee will have a total of $8000 to distribute, compared to $8000 last year. Included in these totals, AALL itself contributed $10,000 to scholarships and $4000 to grants.
The list of all individual and corporate contributors will be included in the annual Awards & Acknowledgement Brochure distributed to all registrants, and on signage in the exhibit hall.

AALL Membership

In my separate report on membership through February 28, 2002, (Executive Board April Meeting Tab 17), I reported on the continuing improvement in AALL membership this membership year which ends on May 31st. On February 28th AALL membership reached 5105 members. This represents an almost 10% improvement since 1999. It is also the highest number of members since we began tracking memberships in 1993.

This growth in membership can be attributed to the help received from the Membership and Retention Committee, and to the success of the two campaigns, "First-year Free" in 2000 and "Make the Connection" in 2001. Last year staff mailed 1633 coupons to library directors and individual members who renewed their memberships by July 1st 2001. 186 new members redeemed these coupons. You will recall that 49% of the 176 new members who joined under a similar first-year free offer renewed. This retention level exceeded our expectations!
During November the AALL Membership & Retention Committee assisted staff by telephoning lapsed members. As of February 28th, 144 of the 545 lapsed members have renewed.

On April 1st, 2002 AALL will begin the annual membership renewals. Despite the success of the previous two campaigns, this year we do not plan to offer first-free memberships. We are concerned that an annual campaign of this sort will become an expectation, and AALL will not attract dues-paying new members. We will also track the impact - if any - in attracting new members in 2002.

Dues Renewal Schedule for 2002:

April 1:
Heads-up mailing to all members informing them that dues invoices will be mailed on April 15th. Our new marketing firm, Southward & Associates, designed a four-page flyer promoting membership renewal and retention. The flyer carefully reviewed and approved by President Barbara Bintliff also includes a letter from her. Unlike previous years, the "heads-up" mailing will not include fundraising materials. This follows the advice of Clyde Watkins & Associates, AALL fund raising consultant, which advised us to separate these two different solicitations.

April 15:
Dues invoices are mailed to library directors and individual members.

May 31:
End of the 2001 - 2002 membership year.

July 1:
Reminder notices are mailed to all members. Library directors are mailed a second dues invoice.

August 15:
All unpaid members are faxed an expiration notice.

September 8:
All unpaid members are mailed their last issue of AALL Spectrum and records are deleted from the active AALLNET online directory.

October 1
Membership & Retention Committee will call a selected group of lapsed members.


As AALL's Representative to IFLA I'm pleased to report that the IFLA Executive Board enthusiastically approved the formation of a new Law Libraries Discussion Group within the IFLA Special Libraries Section. This - along with Bob Oakley's recent appointment to the IFLA Copyright Committee - promises to bring greater visibility to both law librarians and AALL.

At Bob Oakley's urging, during last summer's successful Boston conference, AALL took the lead in organizing this new Discussion Group to attract law librarians who have not been active or visible - unlike other special librarians - in this international organization. IALL President Holger Knudson has been enthusiastic about this effort and plans to participate in the first meetings in Glasgow August 18th - 24th.

David Byrne, Senior Information Manager, BT Legal Group, London, has worked with BIALL leaders to plan the first gathering and program that will be co-sponsored by AALL, BIALL and IALL.

The topic, "Citizens' Rights to Free Access to Basic Legal Materials" will feature Joe Ury, Executive Director, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London that hosts the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (

The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII - provides access to the most comprehensive set of British and Irish primary legal materials that are available for free and in one place on the internet. BAILII includes 19 databases covering 5 jurisdictions. The system contains over two gigabytes of legal materials and around 275,000 searchable documents with about 10 million internal hypertext links.

BAILII is legally constituted as a public trust incorporated in the UK.

The program will also included a tour of the Glasgow University Law Library Special Collections in Law.