ARCHIVED: Vendor Relations Project Consultant and AALL Awards

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Monday, December 3, 2007

I am delighted to announce the selection of our vendor relations project consultant and the recipients of this year's awards, scholarships, and grants.

Vendor Relations Project Consultant Announced

Penny HazeltonPenny Hazelton has been selected to serve as a consultant to the Association and will evaluate the desirability and feasibility of creating a permanent AALL vendor relations representative position. Hazelton is a past AALL president, director of the University of Washington Law Library and the University of Washington Law Librarianship Program, and has been active in writing and consulting. She hopes to complete her work and make a recommendation to the AALL Executive Board at its fall 2008 meeting.


The AALL Awards Program was established as a way to publicly recognize the achievements of law librarians based on service to the profession and contributions to legal literature and materials. The major awards will be presented at the 2008 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

For descriptions of the criteria for each award, see the AALL Awards Webpage.

The Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award

Robert L. Oakley (posthumously), Georgetown University Law Library

The Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award

Edward Grosek, Founders Memorial Library, Northern Illinois University, The Secret Treaties of History, 2nd ed. (Hein 2007)

AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award

Mark P. Bernstein, Omer Poos Law Library, Saint Louis University School of Law, "One Size Fits All No More: The Impact of Law Specialization on Library Services," AALL Spectrum, March 2007

Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award

Daniel Dabney, Thomson Reuters Global Resources, Zug, Switzerland, "The Universe of Thinkable Thoughts: Literary Warrant and West�s Key Number System," 99 Law Library Journal 229 (2007)

Law Library Publications Award

Print Division: Maryland State Law Library, Maryland State Law Library Annual Report FY 2007

Nonprint Division: Georgetown University Law Library, Georgetown Law Library Legal Research Tutorial

AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Awards

Open Division:

Judith Lihosit, University of San Diego Legal Research Center, "Research in the Wild: CALR and the Role of Informal Apprenticeship in Attorney Training"

New Member Division:

Julie M. Jones, Cornell Law Library, "Not Just Key Numbers and Keywords Anymore: How User Interface Affects Legal Research"

I-Wei Wang, University of California, Berkeley School of Law Library, "Schoolhouse Rock is No Longer Enough: The Presidential Signing Statements Controversy and its Implications for Library Professionals"

AALL Public Access to Government Information Award

OMB Watch, Gary D. Bass, Executive Director, Washington, D.C.

Member Advocacy Award

Robert L. Oakley (posthumously), Georgetown University Law Library

Minority Leadership Development Award

Lauren Collins, Duke University School of Law Library

Chapter Professional Development Award

One-Time Program: Colorado Association of Law Libraries, Spotlight on Your Career: Communication

AALL/Thomson West Excellence in Marketing Awards

Best Brochure: Law Library of Congress, Law Library of Congress Institutional Brochure

Best Campaign: Rhode Island State Law Library, Justice Rules in Rhode Island�An Educational Collaborative

Best Newsletter: Jacob Burns Law Library, Legal Miscellanea: A Newsletter for the Friends of the Jacob Burns Law Library

Best Public Relations Toolkit: Wahab Public Law Library, Welcome to Wahab!

Best Use of Technology: King & Spalding, Articles & Alerts Monitor of Peer Law Firms

Best New Product Award

Cassidy Cataloging Services, Inc., WLX Cataloging Record Service (WLX E Treatise Collection, Lexis II Primary Sources, and Westlaw IV Journals & Law Reviews)


AALL is committed to providing opportunities for professional growth. Each year, the Association awards scholarships to assist individuals to become law librarians. For descriptions of the scholarships listed below, see the AALL Scholarships Webpage.

LexisNexis John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Library Degree for Law School Graduates:
Jennifer Duperon, Providence, Rhode Island
Stacy Hinkel, Phoenix, Arizona
Mindy Rush, Bennet, Nebraska
Library Degree for Non-Law School Graduates:
Robert Hudson, Miami Lakes, Florida

AALL and Thomson West/George A. Strait Minority Scholarships

Stephen Chan, Carrboro, North Carolina
Hsi-yen (Sean) Chen, Carrboro, North Carolina
Pablo Sandoval, Oakland, California

Scholarships Funded by AALL

Library Degree for Law School Graduates:
Julia Michelle Byrd, Macon, Georgia
Lisa Junghahn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sean Kaneshiro, San Francisco, California
Jeff Woodmansee, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Library Degree for Non-Law School Graduates:
Luz Evelyn Hernandez Carrion, Boston, Massachusetts
Holly Gale, Seattle, Washington
Lindsay Given, Mishawaka, Indiana
Law Librarians in Continuing Education Courses:
Patricia Court, Ithaca, New York


The AALL Grants Program enables law librarians to participate in the professional educational opportunities that are provided at the Annual Meeting or to engage in original research on topics important to law librarianship. Grants are funded by contributions from firms and individuals. For descriptions of these and other AALL grants, see the AALL Grants Webpage.

AALL Grants

Lasca Alekseevna
Michelle Balsan
Linda Barrette
Sonnet Brown
Sarah Burford
John Cannan
Benjamin Carlson
Tina Ching
Esther Cho
Michelle Cosby
Laura Cynthia Dabney
DawnMarin Dell
Catherine Rushfroth Fitz
Lindsay Given
    Lisa Junghahn
Cynthia Matano
Maura McGrath
Kurt Meyer
Donna Claire Movsovich
Dorothy Paul
Courtney Schmitt
Karen Skinner
Jason Sowards
Theresa Strike
Elizabeth Sutera
S.K. (Kayleigh) Van Poolen
Leslie Wakeford

Chapter Registration Grants

Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association
Andrea K. Guldalian

Law Librarians of New England
Christine Hepler

Law Library Association of Greater New York
Anita Postyn

Law Library Association of Maryland
Sara Witman

New Jersey Law Librarians Association
Wei Fang

South Florida Association of Law Libraries
Liz Chifari

Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries
Ulysses N. Jaen

Virginia Association of Law Libraries
Diamond K. Bona

Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association
Brian Hare

FCIL-SIS Schaffer Grant for Foreign Librarians

Leanne Cummings, Deacons Law Firm, Brisbane, Australia

LexisNexis Research Fund Grant

Jill Duffy, Supreme Court of the United States Library, and Elizabeth Lambert, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, Dissents from the Bench: A Compilation of Oral Dissents Issued by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Karen E. Kalnins, Oklahoma City University Law Library, Oral Histories of Oklahoma Judges and Attorneys

AALL/Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Research Grant

Dr. Joel Fishman, Allegheny County Law Library, Index to State Judges� Inductions, Memorials, etc. from the Official State Court Reports

Wendy Scott, Syracuse University College of Law, Merging Reference and Circulation Services: The Savior or Undoing of Reference in Academic Law Libraries


Ann T. Fessenden
AALL President