ARCHIVED: Get Involved - Volunteer for an AALL Committee!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Just as a grain of sand does not make a beach, neither does a single individual make an organization. It is only by the work of tens of hundreds of individuals that this organization makes a contribution in the professional area. -- Erwin Surrency, former AALL president, 1967

AALL thrives because members get involved. Your involvement in the Association provides strength and vitality to AALL. Please consider volunteering for an AALL committee. Our committees implement AALL's Strategic Directions of leadership, education, and advocacy leading the Association into the future.

There are 25 standing committees to choose from. The committees are identified as focusing on either policy or process. I recommend that you review the charges and other committee information available on AALLNET. The recently revised charges provide an overview of the work of the committee, anticipated time commitment, plus any suggested member qualifications. After you have explored the variety of committees, please fill out the volunteer form. There is room for you to explain your choices and I encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity.

Deadlines: I am continuing the recent tradition of using the form to solicit volunteers for the Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC). If that is one of your choices, please submit the form by October 31. All others are due by December 1.

The Appointments Committee will meet in February. The appointments committee analyzes the membership of each committee and attempts to balance the membership so there are representatives from different library types, different jobs, different areas of the country, etc. It is very helpful to the committee for volunteers to provide some information about their interests, experience, and to be flexible by applying for more than one committee.

AALL benefits when a variety of perspectives are represented on committees. Newer members, experienced members, and members from traditionally underrepresented sectors of AALL are all encouraged to apply. Your work provides the energy to move AALL forward. Volunteer today!


Catherine Lemann
AALL Vice President/President-Elect