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5/10/2013 1:34:47 PM

Become Acquainted with AALL by Attending CONELL at the Annual Meeting

What is AALL? How can I get the most out of the Annual Meeting and Association? How do I choose a program? If I don’t like a program, do I have to stay? What is a special interest section (SIS)? What do I wear? Who will I talk to?

The Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL) is here to answer these questions and much more. CONELL is held every year in conjunction with the AALL Annual Meeting. It serves to welcome newer members of the profession to AALL and introduce them to their leaders and to each other.

This year, CONELL will take place Saturday, July 13, in Seattle. You can expect a full day of activities and new friendships that are likely to last your career. Here’s more of what you can expect:

Friday night Dutch treat dinners. If you arrive in Seattle on Friday, take advantage of the optional Dutch treat dinners arranged by the CONELL Committee. Sign up for one of the Dutch treat dinners and make a few friends before the official program even begins.

Saturday morning. The official program kicks off with registration and continental breakfast. You’ll hear a number of speakers who will orient you with AALL and let you in on the secrets of getting the most from your convention experience. AALL Executive Board members lead small group sessions about the Association and allow time for CONELL attendees to ask questions.

CONELL Marketplace. AALL’s 5,000 members have widely varying interests that are served by the Association’s SISs, committees, caucuses, and other entities. CONELL’s Marketplace gathers these groups in one place to showcase their services and missions.

Speed Networking. Meet your fellow CONELL participants. Sitting face to face, you will meet at least five new people. You may not have enough time to learn anybody’s secrets or life story, but you’ll place a few faces with names and learn some basic facts about other conference goers.

One of the greatest benefits of CONELL is that the 100 attendees form a “cohort.” The cohort of 2013 may very well become your lifelong friends. It is not unusual to run into a group of Annual Meeting attendees whose common denominator is having attended CONELL together.

So what can you expect from CONELL? Learning, good food, fun times, and new friendships. For more information and to register, visit www.aallnet.org/conference.

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