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The AALL Spectrum® blog is published by the American Association of Law Libraries. Submissions from AALL members and other members of the legal community are highly encouraged. Opinions and editorial views expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the official position of AALL. AALL does not assume any responsibility for statements advanced by contributors. Previously, the AALL Spectrum Blog was located at aallspectrum.wordpress.com.

The AALL Spectrum blog is no longer published. Previous posts are archived on this page.
2/16/2013 11:46:17 AM

Highlights from State, County, Court, and County SIS Newsletter (SCCLL News)

The newest edition of SCCLL News is now available.  One article highlights what two libraries are doing with social media, such as Facebook and blogs.  For example, the San Diego Law Library used built-in applications to sell advertising space on their new website.  Jessica Van Buren writes about how the Utah State Law Library uses online forms posted on their website  and student volunteers to help patrons find and complete forms.  Claudia Jalowka, who attended as a representative of AALL, provides a summary of the e-courts 2012 conference.  The newsletter also includes news about the section (e.g., awards available, proposed bylaws changes, and the annual meeting silent auction).

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11/5/2012 9:01:43 AM

Promoting Services and Celebrating Differences

Three law librarians walk into a bar ... or rather, three law librarians write a few blog posts. Mari Cheney, Jennifer Dalglish, and Susan Mecklem authored three separate "week in the life" blog posts for the Oregon chapter of the Special Libraries Association. The blog posts were the inspiration for this article on exploring the differences and similarities of Oregon Law Libraries, along with the possibilites that come from working together.

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