The latest issue (Volume 21, Issue 3) of MAALL Markings, the publication of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, has recently been published. This issue contains several articles that will be of interest beyond the MAALL membership. I found two to be especially interesting, but the entire issue is worth at least a quick skim.

First, Karen Wallace provides a well-researched primer on the hiring process in academic law libraries. Having recently completed my first tour of duty on a search committee, I think this article would have given me a good overview of a typical search. I intend to keep the article as a refresher for the next time I am on a search committee. Candidates for positions would also be well-served by reviewing the hiring process from the search committee perspective.

Second, Marcia Dority-Baker discusses how the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Law Library created graphic buttons that serve as links to professors' online presences. For example, a professor's profile page on the law school's site could have easily recognizable links to the professor's SSRN page, professional Twitter feed, or a list of all the professor's articles in the university's institutional repository. By creating these button links, the library helps connect professors' scholarship, regardless of what sites host the content.