At AALL’s Annual Meeting 2012, Dr. Jolande E. Goldberg of LC and George Prager of NYU presented on the recent changes to the law classification schedules dealing with the Law of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas (KIA-KIX).  Dr. Goldberg developed the schedule with two goals in mind.  First, she wanted to organize indigenous legal materials at LC in a more coherent manner.  Second, she wanted to give access to a critical mass of primary and secondary resources available on the web.

To achieve the first goal, 1200 tribal law materials were gathered from several areas of LC to test the new schedule.  These included tribal codes, reporters, session laws, corporate charters, constitutions, by-laws, and much more.  Some were previously located in KF (United States) or KE (Canada), some were never reclassified from Thomas Jefferson’s original classification scheme, and some were never classified at all.  During the test they were reclassified into the new KIA-KIX range.  The new schedule allows for better granularity, as each tribe has its own series of call numbers.  Previously all 560+ tribes shared one call number, KF8228. 

The second goal expands the use of the LC Classification Schedule to include links to sources of tribal law.  A bibliography of legal materials with those links will be ordered in the same hierarchical structure as the KIA-KIX schedule.  Dr. Goldberg explained that there are limited sources of tribal legal materials available.  She and her colleagues researched many of those materials for the project and wanted to share those findings in one central bibliography.  While the final location is unknown, the current draft of the bibliography along with a new guide explaining the project can be found at  

The new schedule is in the final stages of completion, with official release expected within the next year.  Future updates may be listed under the “News” section of the Cataloging and Acquisitions Homepage at